Birthday Girl in Pink and Chocolate

Thank you to Dawn for sending this precious photo of her daughter in her birthday outfit...she is ready for her pink and chocolate Polka Dot Birthday party!

She found the Polka Dot Initial Birthday Tee inside my shop, Polka Dot Market. I love Dawn's idea to pair our shirt with that princess pink and chocolate tutu (with a polka dot ribbon bow belt)! She purchased the tutu on eBay from pampered*princess*tutus.

For your polka dot birthday party in the pink and chocolate color scheme, this outfit would be a winner!

Other ideas for a pink and chocolate polka dot birthday party:
  • Solid pink or chocolate plates (the plates will be the "dots" on the tablecloth)
  • Solid pink or chocolate tablecloth
  • Pink cake covered with chocolate candies or chocolate chips placed upside-down to look like polka dots!
  • Party favor flower pots or tin pails tied with pink and chocolate dots ribbon bows
  • Print coloring pages and give the kids crayons in shades of pink and chocolate

Thank you, Dawn, for sharing this photo of your polka dot princess in her tutu and initial tee. We hope she had a fabulous Polka Dot Birthday for her 1st birthday!

Polka Dot Birthday Photos

Okay, moms. How did you do it? How did you throw a "Polka Dot Party" for your child's birthday? It is not easy to find all the cute party accessories that I am dreaming of in my head....

I thought I would search Google for "Polka Dot Birthday" and all sorts of cute products for kids' parties would appear. Even Pottery Barn Kids said they had "polka dot plates", but I didn't really see any polka dots on them. What is going on?

Where are the polka dots?

I'm looking for cute and affordable table cloths, napkins, plates, cups, party hats, favor bags, cake plates...the works!

Have you thrown a polka-dot-themed birthday party? Send us your photos! We'll post here on Polka Dot Birthday and share with all the moms out there who are desperately searching for inspiration and party supplies.

This is serious! Not really, but why can't I find what I am looking for?

Let's find the cutest polka dot party supplies and bring it all together here...on Polka Dot Birthday!

Coming Soon!

Your one-stop resource for planning your next polka-dot-themed birthday party is here!

Can you stand it?

I am so excited to share our ideas, tips, recipes and clothing ideas with you!


Owner of Polka Dot Market