Polka Dot Birthday Photos

Okay, moms. How did you do it? How did you throw a "Polka Dot Party" for your child's birthday? It is not easy to find all the cute party accessories that I am dreaming of in my head....

I thought I would search Google for "Polka Dot Birthday" and all sorts of cute products for kids' parties would appear. Even Pottery Barn Kids said they had "polka dot plates", but I didn't really see any polka dots on them. What is going on?

Where are the polka dots?

I'm looking for cute and affordable table cloths, napkins, plates, cups, party hats, favor bags, cake plates...the works!

Have you thrown a polka-dot-themed birthday party? Send us your photos! We'll post here on Polka Dot Birthday and share with all the moms out there who are desperately searching for inspiration and party supplies.

This is serious! Not really, but why can't I find what I am looking for?

Let's find the cutest polka dot party supplies and bring it all together here...on Polka Dot Birthday!

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  1. Help me please!! I need to know where to get hot pink and baby pink polka dot items for my daughter's first birthday party. I got fun balloons from birthdayexpress.com but I have nothing else and the party is in March!


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