Polka Dot Birthday Tutus

We found some beautifully-made polka dot birthday tutus to share with you!

First, Whimsy Wendy is the designer and seamstress behind the gorgeous pink and green polka dot tulle tutu pictured above. She is a stay at home mom with two beautiful inspirations. She writes, "Their endless spirit and imagination have spurred me on to create unique and beautiful things, like them."

You can ready more about Wendy and her tutus on her blog. She takes great pride in her work, her American-made goods and her high-level of personalized customer service. Each birthday tutu features 24 yards of Made in the USA nylon tulle stitched together (no knots) and all ends are stitched with beautiful ribbon trims for a truly boutique-quality tutu. Your tutu will arrive gift-wrapped inside a special gift bag and tied with ribbon as just one of her many services.

Lily Anna for Girls also offers a complete line of polka dot birthday tulle tutus for your little birthday girl. What color is your polka dot party theme? Lily Anna for Girls is stocked with polka dot tutus in hot pink, pink, green, purple, orange, red, blue and yellow tulle too! Her shop features matching hair bows (polka dot shoes available from Puddle Jumper Shoes).

Cute polka dot birthday tees to match available at Polka Dot Market.

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