Polka Dot Birthday Hats

ITSY BITSY BUNNY designs and produces personalized boutique children's birthday hats, bibs and more. The owner, Christy, uses the highest quality materials and works closely with each client to create the custom birthday hat or bib of their dreams. She is the mother of one baby girl who will turn one in May (and we know she will look adorable in her own custom birthday hat)!

ITSY BITSY BUNNY'S durable and comfy birthday party hats will last long after the celebrating is over. Each fully-lined, SOFT party hat is sewn and is made to be handled by small, but deceptively strong hands!

Christy's personalized party hats will fit children of all ages. All embroidery and appliques are applied with a professional embroidery machine. Generous amounts of heat sealed ribbon tied under the chin AND an elastic band keeps the hat in place for those once in a lifetime pictures. Don't let a dent in your child's birthday hat put a dent in their party. Christy uses absolutely NO cardboard or hazardous/flammable spray adhesives in the construction of her party hats. Unlike cardboard birthday hats, ITSY BITSY BUNNY hats will stand up to being sat on and are guaranteed not to dent. Visit Christy's shop to read more about her guarantee and her generous refer-a-friend discount program too when purchasing your own boutique birthday hat.

The adorable boy's striped birthday number hat above is made by DeLynne and Janet, owners of Dainty Couture in Covington, Georgia.

These busy moms both have two kids (4 total), one 3 year old and one 1 year old, 1 boy and 1 girl a piece. DeLynne loves to design, sew and shop for products. Janet is the sewing, marketing, photography, and digital genius behind the scenes. They brainstorm ideas, sew a prototype then run it through their quality control team of four kids! Once it passes their test, these ladies put it in the works and add it to their product collection.

Dainty Couture is filled with specialty boutique gifts for birthdays for boys and girls. Visit DeLynne and Janet today to find that perfect accessory for your next birthday party!

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