More Pink Tea Party Photos

Here are two photos from my daughter Mia's birthday tea party promised!

The "Pretty" banner above hangs over a small hallway where we set up a dressing area for the girls and boys to see their outfits. It was a big hit (next time I would add a second dressing mirror).

Below is a photo of our living room with the tables and banner before the party. Each table is covered with a custom-cut white/pink polka dots oil cloth fabric that I trimmed with my pinking shears. I will save these tablecloths for every kids' party! A pink roses placemat is placed in the center of each table (great find at Marshall's).

The party was so much fun for the kids and adults. My husband poured tea for all the little guests when they were seated at their tables and then they were served their pink plates of food fancy-restaurant-style. Only minimal pink cake crumbs found their way to the floor - good job, kids!

Have a great weekend with your family - this room pictured above is now filled with toys, wrapping paper and play clothes everywhere!

Happy Birthday, Mia!

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