Ribbon Flip Flop Party Favors

I made these adorable polka dot ribbon flip flops for a customer to match her pink and chocolate polka dot initial tee. She found these solid chocolate flip flops and I grabbed every ribbon I had to match her shirt. I used over eight yards of ribbon for both shoes. I am happy to create these for your little girl and even find the flip flop sizes you need. Just send me an e-mail through my Contact Me page.

If you want to make these confetti ribbon flip flops as a party favor for your summer polka dot birthdays, I have created some basic instructions for you.

  • Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons to coordinate with your polka dot birthday party colors

  • Flip Flops

  • Pinking shears (to trim ribbon edges in a zig-zag pattern and prevent fraying)


  • Cut your ribbons into 8" lengths

  • I like to use the same ribbons on either side of the toe strap, so pattern is similar.

  • Start tying knots!

  • Trim your ends with pinking shears to prevent fraying

  • Slip 'em on for the cutest shoes in town!

Party Favor Tips:

  • Cut an extra length of ribbon or coordinaing ribbon wraphia and tie the left and right flip flops together to make the pair ready to give. Slide on a cute gift tag and write the guest's name for a personalized party favor (just ask her mom her shoe size before the party)

  • For older girls, they can make their own confetti ribbon flip flops as the party craft!

  • Make a few extra adult flip flop pairs for the moms because you know they are going to want them too.

Find Ribbons:

Find Flip Flops:

Let us know how your ribbon flip flops turn out - or add your crafty tips in our comments section.


  1. Hi ,
    I was wondering how do you attach the bow to the flip flop ?
    I don't think hot glue would not hold .

    Thanks Lisa = )

  2. what width ribbon do you use? I have ribbon and flip flops..just can't quite figure the ribbon width out to be right? Thanks!

  3. wow amazing the flip flap really looks awesome with the ribbon its my own perceptions because the every person's point of view vary from each other..... anyway i like the blog most... so thanks for sharing the blog...

  4. I have labels that I would like to attach to my the flip flops I create and sell. Any advice on what type of glue to use that will look neat and not messy to tag the shoes with my business name. The tags are fabric. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  5. How do you Freakin make flip flops so you need to freakin help me

  6. I would love to make these at my daughter's birthday party. Approx how much ribbon do I need for each girl to make her own?

  7. this is great, I'm going to have the girls make these for my daughters bday party. how wide is the ribbon you used. I just made one but for some reason it doesn't look as good as yours!!

  8. I used mostly 7/8" and 1/2" wide ribbons. I secured all the ribbons with knots - no hot glue, just knots. I think I cut at least 20 ribbon lengths for each shoe, depending on her shoe size. Hope that helps!

  9. It also looks cute if you glue gun on one of the coordinating ribbons to the outer edge of the flip flops.

  10. Last day i made a research about online resources for flip flops and found your post and http://lyndseybattle.com/choosing-your-flip-flops/ post, i think what I've read from the both of you are a perfect combination. I'm recently thinking of flip flops to be my giveaways on my birthday (debut) this coming Wednesday and so far both of your post gives me the best idea. Thanks for sharing your post.

  11. I made these for my daughter....super cute. However, the ribbons keep falling off no matter how tight I make the knot. I have now added a drop of hot glue to each knot hoping that it will keep them tied. Great idea. Thanks!


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