Table Decor - Polka Dot Ribbon Topiary

Ready for table decor for your polka dot party? This craft project by Heidi at Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls is totally easy, unique and can be made in your party colors for a perfect centerpiece.

Heidi is a a suburban housewife and mother. She writes that she has a great husband, a darling little girl, and a yellow lab named Bronco. She loves to go thrifting and garage sale shopping, cook and decorate her house, take care of her little girl, spend time with her husband, and play in her craft room.

We are so happy that she was playing in her craft room and created this adorable and easy polka dot ribbon topiary for our party decorations. We love this idea!

Heidi has made two ribbon topiary samples on her blog. Here is her first foray into ribbon topiary-making. She found the instructions in a book by Making Memories called Ribbonrie.

  • Styrofoam ball, pick your size
  • Wooden dowel rod, choose your length
  • Flower pot, any style
  • Floral foam to fit inside your pot (to hold the dowel in place)
  • Straight pins (to pin in the ribbons)
  • Lots and lots of ribbon scraps or specialty ribbons in your party colors
  • Glue and decorative moss or paper shred to cover top of pot
Cut your ribbons into 4.5" lengths. Make the ribbon into loops and use the pins to secure them to the styrofoam ball. Cover the ball with ribbons. When the ball is covered, poke your painted dowel rod into the bottom of the ball and also into the floral foam in your pot, glue a little moss over the foam and voila! You can also tie a ribbon bow with a tag or charm around the dowel rod too.

  • Look for flower pots and ribbons on clearance at your local craft store
  • Wooden dowels are available in longer lengths, ask an expert (or your husband) to saw to size for you.
  • Wider width ribbons work best and cover well.
  • It does take a lot of ribbon, depending on your styrofoam ball size.
  • Go bold and bright or soft and pastel - have fun and send us photos of your creations!
Photos, tips and instructions courtesy Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls.

We are working on our own version and will post photos soon - what a terrific and inexpensive way to dress up your polka dot birthday party! Thanks, Heidi!


  1. L O V E this! I love these colors, but am thinking what you could for Christmas as well! :-)

  2. I know - the possibilities are endless!

  3. Sally, thanks so much for featuring me on your blog!! The ribbon topiary is a project that I just adore and have had such fun making. They really are SO easy, but they turn out so cute! :) The Ribbonrie book is one that I turn to time and again for inspiration.

  4. I would like to buy some of the pink and green topiary tabletops. Please email me at


  5. I finally got around to making mine, thank you for posting this.

  6. That is the most darling little centerpiece!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!

  7. I loved this so much I had to try it out. I put a link to your site on my new blog, thanks!

  8. I would love to purchase these! You need to sell them to people like me who can't even sew a button! Kendra

  9. Thank you, ladies!

    Kendra, we tried making them to sell, but the shipping costs were MORE than to make the topiaries because of their size. No sewing required, just cutting and pinning. You can do it! :)

  10. Around how much does it cost to make one of these, I see it takes a lot of ribbon, and I know ribbon can get expensive! It is sooo cute, but I was trying to get a ball park figure of the cost(without using clearance ribbon)!!! If you would email me I would appreciate it: Thank you!!! :D

  11. Oh I just fell in love with these!!!!!!! Im gonna go get my supplies and try to make one :) Hope it comes out just as awesome as this one!! Thanks for tutorials.

  12. This Polka Dot Ribbon is very nice. I have just thought of, "What if I'm about to have 15 tables?" so it means I'll gonna make 15 Polka dot ribbons too. It will take a lot of time and effort. But anyway, it's beautiful.

  13. Great post!Thanks for the simple review.From these we can set a simple table decor by adding some colorful ribbon topiary for our table.

  14. Sounds really easy. Time to challenge myself! Idea is just amazing:)

  15. Thanks for the post! I was able to make some wonderful centerpieces for my SIL shower. I posted some pics here.


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