Pink Polka Dot Birthday Girl

Look at this sweet angel! She is wearing one of the outfits that I made during the past two crazy-busy weeks. Seeing this photo makes it all worth it. I am so grateful to her mom, Tracy, for sending it to me tonight. Look how pretty she is in her pink polka dot ribbon tutu and her matching pink polka dot number tee (see our new white puff-sleeve shirt?).

She is having an all-pink polka dot first birthday party. I love pink too so I had a ball sewing these pieces for her. I am sewing a matching birthday bib for her tonight that will be "pretty in pink" too.

Don't forget, I have a stock room of polka dot plates, napkins and cups ready to ship to you tomorrow. Oh, and our vintage-style "Happy Birthday" banners and boutique birthday hats are flying out the door.

Thank you all for sending me photos of your polka dot birthday parties and projects. I have so many adorable photos to share with our readers in the next few weeks.

Has anyone made their own Ribbon Topiary yet or Ribbon Flip-Flops? I know a few of you who have...I will be sharing your photos next week!

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