Polka Dot Birthday Goodies at Target

It makes me so happy to see my local Target store filled with the cutest polka dot dresses, gifts and decor!

I love splurging on a few things for my daughters' birthday parties, but it is good to know I can count on Target to keep me on my party budget too. This adorable pink and chocolate polka dot party dress by OshKosh is available in infant and toddler sizes at Target.

I just love the colors and it does match many of the pink and chocolate birthday accessories we have inside my store.

I thought this polka dot piggy bank would look so cute for a party decoration and as a gift for any child learning to save their birthday gift money too:

What cute polka dot goodies have you found at your local Target lately? Are you always on the look-out for polka dots like me?

Oh, that dress and piggy bank are only $12.99 each!


  1. I just love that piggy bank! So cute!

    And yes, I notice polka dots everywhere! I even noticed that Bob Costas was wearing a polka dotted tie last night during NBC's coverage of the Olympics. My husband just rolled his eyes at me. :)

  2. That is hilarious. I'm trying to think of the funniest place I've seen polka dots...when I was online at Target.com they have this new pink and green polka dot storage ottoman...I want it for my office!


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