Cookie Pop Favors and Decor

We have been searching for some cute table decorations for you - and these double as party favors too!

This is an idea that you can customize to match your polka dot party theme. Start with this recipe for Betty Crocker's polka dot Pop Art Cookies and add your own twist!

Try these icing and sprinkle combinations for your cookie pops:

  • Pink icing with green and white sprinkles
  • Chocolate icing with pink and white sprinkles
  • White icing with pink and green sprinkles
  • Pink icing with chocolate sprinkles
  • White icing with chocolate sprinkles

Then pair your decorated cookie pops with coordinating table accessories:

  • Little tin pails in your party colors (I find mine at the Target One Spot)
  • Ribbons tied to each cookie pop stick
  • Confetti
  • Matching candies in glass cups, then stick the pops in each glass
  • Put styrofoam in your favorite container, cover with paper shred then stick the pops into the styrofoam for a fun presentation
Here is another twist - we love the Star Cookie Pops too!

Using these recipes and ideas, you really can create the perfect cookie favor. Try your cookie pops in different shaps like hearts, trains, flowers or princess crowns then decorate to your heart's content! This may even work out to be a great party activity for the kids to decorate their own cookie favors (have some pre-made as your table decorations too).

P.S. - We'd love to see your completed table decor and party favor photos - especially if you make these cookie pops. Send to

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  1. oh i love those! i will definitely be trying those for my daughters party next month. thanks!


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