Photos from a Polka Dot Party

One of our groovy readers, Brooke, shared her entire photo album from her daughter's first birthday party with us. We uploaded the photos from her Shutterfly album to our Polka Dot Birthday album to make it easy for you to view all of her great ideas!

Click to see our Polka Dot Birthday photo album

This has given me an idea...a Polka Dot Birthday album on Flickr would be a super way for all of us to share our party photos. What do you think?

Brooke's polka dot party is filled with pinks and'll see a beautiful hat, banner, cake, favors and more!

Thank you for sharing, Brooke.

Send your photo album links to us at if you would like to share your love of polka dots and birthday parties too!


  1. The party pictures are great! Looks like one lucky birthday girl.

  2. Wow! So fun to see this...hope I can help some other Moms out there. I hope your move went well. Take care Sally.



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