The Polka Dot Balloons are Here

Most of the polka dot balloons are up on the site today!

Thanks to my two little girls playing Legos and watching "Charlie and Lola" and "Handy Manny" for an hour. :)

I still need to add the pink, purple and blue polka dot balloons, but today you may order:

Hot Pink
Lime Green
Chocolate Brown
and Red!

See you over at the new polka dot balloon headquarters at Polka Dot Market!

Polka Dot Balloons to Match Your Party!

I can't contain my excitement!

Polka dot balloons will soon be available for purchase from Polka Dot Market.

I can't stand it.

I am so excited. For you and for me!

The really awesome part?

You'll be able to purchase your polka dot balloons by the color. Not in some crazy assortment pack with colors in there that do not match your party theme.

You can buy all pink.

Or all blue.

Or pink and orange.

Or red and blue.

Isn't this totally awesome?!

Polka Dot Market may be one of the only places offering you this "by the color" option.


Because I know that if you are planning a pink and green polka dot party, you do NOT want blue balloons.

Right? I hear ya'!

This week I will be uploading all these new polka dot balloons for you.

I bought them out. I'll have red, green, lime, blue, turquoise, orange, pink and more!

Sold in packs of five (because the best tip I ever learned in "Balloon Decorating 101" is to use odd numbers) for only $2.95. I'll pack and ship 'em, you blow them up at your local grocery store floral department.

Exciting, isn't it?

I cannot wait to see your party photos over the next few months...filled with polka dot balloons from Polka Dot Market!

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from My House

Thank you for allowing me some time away from blogging. I had forgotten how busy the two weeks before Christmas can be.

With school parties, music programs, ballet shows, the Nutcracker, church, parties, decorating, sending gifts - well, you know!

We are STILL having fun and enjoying each other's company. My husband goes back to work tomorrow (boo), but tells me he will be off Thursday through Tuesday (yea)!

The photo above is one of the takes from our Christmas card quickie photo shoot in our front yard. I love having leaves in my yard in December. Alabama rocks.

Below is me being "that mom" who totally embarrasses her kindergartener. This was taken right before the Christmas service began in our big church. Right at the front steps in front of everyone.
My oldest was like, "Momma, no!" I said I'd be quick. Tee, hee.

Visit the Polka Dot Market home page to see my daughter riding a HUGE tractor at the zoo. :)
Be back soon!

Holly's Pink Polka Dot Mouse Party

Holly hosted a pink polka dot mouse birthday party for her niece last month - you will love her photos and all of her ideas.

She definitely stayed true to her theme of pink polka dots and Minnie Mouse. I love it!

Thanks for sharing with us, Holly!

Make Your Own Polka Dot Cake

Want to see how to make your own fondant, roll it out, cut your own polka dots and place them on your birthday cake?

This is a great tutorial with lots of photos and a link to her favorite fondant recipe by Jennifer at Bake Your Heart Out:

Do-It-Yourself Polka Dot Birthday Cake

Have fun and remember to send me photos of YOUR polka dot cakes too!


Maxwell's Party on Design Dazzle

Looking for polka dot party inspiration? How about for a little boy's party?

Design Dazzle is featuring an Aqua & Red Cars Party today - complete with polka dot cookies and a aqua gingham name banner.

You will love the photos and the ideas can be translated to ANY party colors!

Make This Cute Flower Topper

Elle's Studio created this adorable Pixy Stix polka dot flower topper - perfect for your party decor or even as a favor!

Available as a free download from the Elle Studio blog here.

Be sure to leave her a comment to say, "Thank you!"

When you click the hot pink "Download" button, a template for the three flower shapes will appear. Print your pdf on cardstock to use as a pattern, or print directly on 8 1/2" x 11" patterned scrapbook paper to create your flower layers.

The inner circle "Happy Birthday" layer is not included, so cut your own circles and print or write any text on them! Some ideas for your center circle:

"Thanks for coming to Amy's 3rd Birthday!"

"Thank You! Love, Jack"

"Welcome to Melissa's 2nd Birthday Party"

"Dessert Table"

"Presents for the Birthday Girl"

"Favors for our Friends"

Ways to use your Flower Topper free printable:

- Print a bunch of flowers, create your stacks, then string together to make a flower banner

- Use the smallest flower only, print on patterned paper, punch a hole and hang with ribbon from your chandelier for a centerpiece

-Tape flowers to straws or sticks to create favors, party craft or decor

-Use this flower to create your own unique gift tags for presents to give.


Thanks again, Elle's Studio!

Holiday Sale at Imperfectly Beautiful

I know a FEW of you are planning little princess parties...

So how would you like to save 15% off this fabulous hand-painted polka dot crown wall decor?

Perfect for your party entrance or above the gift table, then move it to her bedroom for year-round fun!

Amanda is the owner of Imperfectly Beautiful and the creator of this piece and many other beautiful things in her shop.

She LOVES custom orders - let her design something for your son's superhero party too. (Kyla commented that she'd love something with stars, dots and "POW!" or "BANG!" yellow bursts. Great idea!)

Keep commenting on the Dimple Prints giveaway - 2 more days!

Cyber Monday Deal - Free Shipping

Order your polka dot birthday outfits, birthday number tees and initial shirts from Polka Dot Market today for you 2010 parties and receive FREE shipping!

Free shipping coupon is valid NOW through Monday, November 30th at midnight PST.

Enter coupon code "MondayDeals" at check-out to redeem.

See you over at!

Black Friday Dimpleprints Giveaway

Carli from Dimpleprints is kicking off your Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday shopping with a BANG!

Three winners.
Three ways to win.

Don't you love the "Black Damask" holiday card I picked in honor of Black Friday? :)

Pick any Dimpleprints print-your-own design - holiday cards, birthday invitations, moving cards, save the date, baby shower or party package!

So You Wanna Win?
(you MUST leave a separate comment for each entry or it will not count):

  1. Click "add seller to favorites" inside the Dimpleprints shop
  2. Become a follower of the Dimpleprints blog (come back and tell me)
  3. Tell Carli what new design or printable party themes you'd like to see

Entries will be closed on Thursday, December 3rd.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Polka Dot Lanterns Winner

She won her own set of polka dot paper lanterns!

See her AMAZING polka dot bunting banners (shown above) and holiday specials:

Birthday Number Tees from 1 to 6

Look what my customer Renee sent to cute is this photo?

Her six grandkids in their custom birthday number tees from Polka Dot Market!

The kids are from two families - the hot pink polka dots family and the lime green polka dots family. :)

I love this idea!

She already ordered the tees for next year - thank you, Renee!

Remember, you get a 20% off coupon every time you send me a photo of our Polka Dot Market products "in action" at your parties!

I'd love to help you create the perfect shirts for your upcoming family gatherings too.
Send me a note anytime to

Win Polka Dot Paper Lanterns

Searching for the right decorations for your polka dot party?

We have NEW 12" round paper party lanterns in stock at Polka Dot Market!

To introduce this FUN new product, I'd like to give two wonderful readers their choice of 3 paper lanterns in any color plus shipping.

Hang them from chandeliers or doorways - they are so lightweight, you can hang them anywhere. Easy to assemble, they also fold back flat to store until your next bash.

We like to think of our lanterns as floating "polka dots". Sure to add to your theme - everyone walking in to your event will know this is a polka dot party!

12" diameter is a great size to add that punch of color you have been looking for. We stock lime green, hot pink and royal blue lanterns right now.

Scroll down to find out how you can win three FREE lanterns!

(Click any lantern photo to order.)

Okay, you made it to the giveaway details section. Good job!

Please leave a separate comment for each of these "Ways to Win":
  1. Follow this blog (click "Follow" at the top left)
  2. Tell me what other paper lantern colors I need to stock
  3. Tell me one thing you would do to improve this blog

Contest ends Wednesday (before Thanksgiving)! Two winners!

Feeling Crafty? You Can Sew This NannyGoat Birthday Chair Cover

Isn't this a GREAT idea for your polka dot birthday party table? The birthday boy or girl will feel so special! Use your custom chair cover again and again for everyone in your family, all year long.

You can even change the text to your child's name or "The Birthday Girl" or "The Birthday Boy". What other variations can you think of?

Kathryn and Melissa at Nannygoat have put together an awesome step-by-step tutorial for you:

How to Make a Birthday Chair Cover

Pop on over, take some notes, or print the tutorial and place in your "birthday party idea file".

I know I did!

I can't wait to see what you come up with - send your chair cover creation photos to me:

Have fun!

CakeBox Cookies Makes Favors Easy!

You've seen Cakebox Cookies here before - we featured their popular polka dot onesie baby shower cookies.
Now I want to show you owner Kelli's new Birthday Favor Cookie collection!
Kelli writes, "These gift box cookies make the perfect party favor for birthday boys and girls of all ages! Cookies measure approximately 4 x 4 inches, weigh almost a 1/4 pound each, and are made with my much adored shortbread sugar cookie dough and "hint of lemon" royal icing."
Cookie favors come individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with the ribbon color of your choice. Cookie favors are sold by the dozen. Price is around $4 per cookie (gift wrap and ribbon included). See all of Kelli's Cakebox Cookies in her store:

Primary Dots Birthday Boy Party

Look what arrived in my inbox, thanks to Jill!
I love happy mail that includes cute birthday party photos and this little guy brought a big smile to my face.
You will just love these photos from mommy Jill and her Raleigh, NC photographer Jaime.

Jill writes, "Once I found, I couldn't resist planning a polka dot party using bright, primary colors for Cole's 1st birthday party. The primary disco dots bib and custom "C" tee from Polka Dot Market were a perfect match. My husband designed Cole's polka dot birthday invitation and the amazing (and delicious!) birthday cake was made by Edible Art in Raleigh. Our polka dot birthday party was the perfect way to celebrate our little boy's big day. Thanks for featuring Cole's birthday party - we are forever fans of everything 'polka dot'!"

Look at her invitations - made by Cole's daddy!

Primary polka dots & stripes paper party hat and chenille bib from Polka Dot Market:

Primary cake and cupcakes by Edible Art in Raleigh:

Don't you just love how Jill pulled her theme together? Matching fabrics with the cake icing and balloons make everything so special.

Thank you so much, Jill for sharing your son's special day and photos with us.

Top photo courtesy Jaime Lacke Photography. All rights reserved.

Topiary Centerpieces for your Table

I've been meaning to share these with you - a $15.00 white silk flower topiary created by Lyndsey Keiser Designs!

I know how much you LOVE centerpiece ideas...this was created for a wedding, but can't you just see it for a polka dot party too?

This little white tree is just SCREAMING for some polka dot ribbon bows to make it complete. Tie a big bow around the pot, another bow at the base of the flower ball and throw some polka dot ribbon streamers in there pinned between the roses for good measure!

$15.00? What a steal. She has NINE left. But if you are nice, maybe (just maybe) Lyndsey will create one just for you.

Maybe a pink one? :)

Pink Polka Dot Ladybug Party Photos

I am so happy to share Christa's pink and chocolate ladybug birthday party photos with you!
Christa writes:
"I have been in love with polka dots since the day my daughter was born. So it only seemed fitting that her 1st birthday party had to be a Polka Dot themed one. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I had planning this special day.

The name of the party was a Polka Dot Ladybug party. I spent hours searching through many websites to find the best décor ideas because I knew I wanted to make everything myself.

Polka Dot Market was a LARGE help with many of the ideas I used and of course had the CUTEST OUTFIT ever for our little Junebug.
With all of the décor I tried to stick with the three colors, pink, green and brown since these were the colors I used throughout her nursery.

For the invitation, I loved the concept of the ladybug’s wings being able to open. I found the perfect scrapbook paper and this is where it all began. I carried this pattern throughout everything I made. I couldn’t have found a more perfect paper!! The invitations were made from the scrapbook paper and the envelopes were out of Kraft wrapping paper. Note: If you make your own invitation, choose your envelope first, that way you know what size your invite should be. I did it backwards and ended up having to make my own envelopes because my invite was too big for any standard one.

All my decorations were made from the scrapbook paper and pink, green and brown construction paper. It was very cost effective but just took a lot more time, which I didn’t mind. I created banners by printing the lettering out on my computer and used the scissors that cut in patterns to cut each letter out for some added detail. I linked all the letters together with paper clips. This made it easy to hang them where I wanted with just a push pin.

I ordered pink and green polka dot balloons to tie to all the chairs, and I decorated her highchair with pink, green and brown tulle and glue polka dots that were cut from my scrapbooking paper onto the tulle.

My centerpieces were just vases that I already had, again decorated with the scrapbook paper polka dots. I also found pink, green, and brown polka dot ribbon to tie around each one. The flowers were made out of washcloths that I rolled up and stuck onto long lollipop candy sticks and stuck them into sand that I got from the beach (free).

As activities, I had a polka dot ducky bath, floating polka dot rubber ducky's that lit up. The kids loved this!! I also had a bounce house and music playing in the background from a CD that was customized with my daughters name in all the songs. I had a guessing jar full of Cherrios since this was her favorite snack. Closest person got a giant box of Dots candy. I had a “guessing of her age” game where I put up 8 pictures of her at different stages of her first year, person who guessed the most right answers got a bundle of mentos candy rolls.

As for the food, I tried to have everything be in some sort of polka dot form.

Here are some examples of what I served:

Hamburgers dots, buns dots, pickle dots, tomato dots, lettuce dots. Dotted Cheetos balls, dot pasta salad, green dot chicken salad, with grapes as the dots, red cherry dotted fruit salad. I had a Dotted Candy Bar that had all sorts of dot shaped candy and of course the Dotted Dessert bar. I made a polka dot ladybug cake with the Wilton Ladybug cake pan, and had a variety of dessert bars that I had used a circle shaped cookie cutter for.

The best ice cream idea… Dippin’ Dots ice cream. I had strawberry and mint chip, which kept with the color scheme.

All my serving ware was through Pier1imports summer line. Couldn’t have been better timing for them to come out with polka dot serving bowls. All of the plates, table linens, cups, and silverware were from Target’s polka dot birthday line. Attached to each serving bowl, I made name signs where I typed out the name of the food on the computer and attached it to the construction paper and then to a popsicle stick and attached it to each item. The table looked really fun!!

Last but not least, the favor bags, I had brown gifts bags and on the outside I had a small ladybug cutout from the scrapbook paper. Inside I put, a bag of assorted dot shaped candy (ex. dots, sweet tarts, mentos, peppermints, m&m's, skittles, etc), I found polka dot loofas, a toy ladybug that flipped upside down, bouncy balls, and a personalized polka dot pen that had a message on it that said, “Thank for coming to my 1st Birthday Party!”

And you may all be saying, she only turned one and won’t remember anything, but there are always pictures… AND if you can believe it, I’m already starting to plan birthday #2. It’s going to take me that long to come up with something as good as this one!!! Happy Planning!"

Thank you, Christa!

Free Printable Cupcake Topper Flags

I love these printable birthday number pennant flags from Fog and Thistle!

Created for her daughter's school birthday party, owner Rachel made printable files for boys and for girls - choose your favorite or save both for your upcoming party.

She made a page each of every number - 1 through 9!

Leave her a comment to say, "Thanks!" when you visit her site. :)

Brother and Sister Birthday Tees

Thank you, Mariellen for sending in these photos of your son and daughter wearing their Polka Dot Market birthday number shirts!
Design your party tee at

Teagan's 1st Birthday Photos

A big thanks to Andria for sending me these great photos from her daughter Teagan's pink and chocolate dots first birthday party. Isn't she a cutie?

Andria writes, "Teagan is a girly girl, she loves dresses and frilly pink things, so coming up with a theme was easy, pink and brown of course for our little princess. Everything from the candy table and decorations to her dress were pink and brown. The Polka Dot Market website really helped me with all the pink and brown ideas too - from the handmade Birthday Banner, the the pink and brown ploka dot plates. The invitations were custom made from Fine Stationery ( and we were able to get matching stickers, signs and goodies packaged through them as well, it's a great one-stop shop. We created a sophisticated, colorful candy desert buffet complete with personalized goodie bags for the guests to take with them. And no first birthday is complete without a smash cake. This adorable smash cake was created by Hahn's Bakery in Geneva, Illinois. We has so much fun planning for our little princess' Birthday Party. I am eagerly awaiting her second birthday so the party planning can begin again!"

The food table complete with pink and chocolate balloons, cupcakes and more!
The birthday girl!

Decorating the staircase:

The princess' crown:

Very cute, huh? Andria did a great job sticking to her color theme and bringing everything together.
Here's to a GREAT year ahead, Teagan. Thanks for sharing your first birthday party with us!

Add a Little Vintage to your Party

I was looking around Etsy today for some fun vintage birthday party decor ideas for you...and then I found Vintage Jane! Whoa. My search ended. This is an awesome shop for children's vintage finds! Here's how my "party planning brain" works when I see items like this:

Hello, fabulous table centerpiece for a cooking party, cupcake party or cookie decorating party!

I want this. Wait 'til you see the interior photos. You could even display it OPEN at the party and hang a little sign with ribbon spelling the birthday girl's name in glitter. Pair with some pink plates or tea cups for a unique focal point that your guests will remember. Plus she gets to keep the mini fridge for her room!

#2 - Blue polka dot vintage metal teapot

This teapot will make a great table centerpiece, coffee/tea station decor or even perched high on the present table. Add fresh flowers, tie color coordinating balloons to the handle, or fill with party favors, cutlery or flags. Perfect for boys or girls, birthdays or baby showers - this is definitely something to add to your party decor stash!

#3 - Vintage Toy Truck

Hosting a little boy's birthday party or baby shower? You need this truck!
That's all I'm going to say.

#4 - Vintage Gas Station Number

Someone turning 5 or 6 or 9? Vintage Jane has more numbers too. How cool are these? Hang from your mailbox, front door or perch this vintage number sign on the gift table. Take it with you to the photographer for an awesome photo prop!

I love this bowl for party decorating or use in your kitchen all year long. I think it would add the perfect touch to a table centerpiece for a bumblebee or monkey party, or even a baby shower!
You can never have enough bowls in your party closet. Keep the chips in here, or the party favors all wrapped up for your guests. This vintage bowl is just plain 'ole pretty!

Find even more awesome vintage treasures inside Vintage Jane to match your party theme. She has chalkboards, tea towels, picnic baskets, games and more!
I think polka dots and vintage go together fabulously! Do you?

Cute Fall Birthday Ideas

A-Line Polka Dot Halloween Dress by He Knows Your Name

Did I mention that I love Halloween? I love the colors, the cooler air, the leaves, the crispness, the pumpkins...everything! Halloween Bow Woven Headbands available inside my shop and some funky Halloween flower pins too (in stock, ready to ship):
Happy Halloween, Y'all!