Polka Dot Cupcake Ideas

This photo of upside-down pink M&M's decorating a cupcake reminds me to stock up on the Valentine's Day pink candies when they go on sale next month!

You can create any color combination for your cupcakes just by using M&M's as your "polka dots". Find every color imaginable inside the M&M's color palette. This cupcake photo and recipe available at Dot Com Women.

You saw these cupcake pops on the Martha Stewart Show. Now get the full recipe, instructions and video (and tons of cupcake pop ideas!) from the source at Bakerella.

Looking for polka dot cupcake liners? The Party Works has a great selection in many colors. These paper baking cups are the perfect addition to your polka dot party table!

Send your polka dot cupcake photos, ideas and recipes to us anytime at polkadotbirthday@gmail.com. We will share with our readers!

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  1. So gosh darn cute!

    Love evertying you've got goin'on. :) Here's is a little award to brighten your Thurs.



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