Going Polka Dot Crazy Around Here!

So, as many of you know we have been restocking our "Party Table" aisles at Polka Dot Market.

I got a little excited with all the new designs from our tablewares supplier. I put them on the site as available for "pre-order". Guess what? When three HUGE boxes arrived on my doorstep, I thought..."Mmmmmm....only three boxes?" I had made a very large order. Of course when we unpacked the boxes, many of the new designs were MISSING.

How could they do this to me? I had already sold out of several of these designs just with pre-orders. Of course, I am not the only one in this boat, but I have learned that pre-orders probably aren't the best idea when sometimes you just can't depend on your large suppliers. Alright, alright - lesson learned! (Note: The "out of stock" items should be here by March 15th, cross your fingers.)

So while I waited patiently for my backordered items to arrive, what's a girl to do except go SHOPPING for matching fabric on Etsy? Oh yes! I did.

Check out our new "Ocean Dots" fabric (available in all blues and greens for boys too) to match our watercolor "Painted Dots" tablewares:

Then, I was amazed at all the pre-orders for the groovy "Rainbow Party Dots" plates, cups and napkins:

...So I just HAD to find some new fabric to match...and I had just the thing in mind. Of course it is out of print, but a seller on eBay came through for me. Yes, I paid through the nose for a yard of fabric, but isn't this outfit worth it?

(Thanks, Keri for letting me try something new for your little guy!)

See, it is polka dot CRAZINESS around my house. My mom just visited from Michigan and she was seeing SPOTS by the end of her trip. She really loved unpacking all those boxes of paper plates and napkins and filling orders while she was here too - yeah, right!

Nothing beats a great polka dot birthday party, and we're here to help. One last sneak peek of a new polka dot centerpiece that is in stock (call to order):

Come see me at my polka dot hide-out: www.polka-dot-market.com

Sarah's Polka Dot Party Album

I love it when I receive your polka dot birthday party photos in my inbox.

Our reader Kristen recently planned a wonderful polka dot party for her daughter's birthday. She sent me a gorgeous online album of Sarah's party and she is graciously sharing her photos with you.

You will love these - she has some great decorating ideas!

See Kristen's polka dot birthday party photos in our Kodak Gallery.

Kristen's Party Resources:
  • Polka Dot Placemats - From Pottery Barn Kids (I don't see them anymore, but placemats are a quick and easy way to pull your theme together.)

  • Red Polka Dot Bowls (and more!) - From Sur La Table

Again, thank you to all of you who help me make this blog better. I love all these photos!

I received the link to a CUTE pink and orange polka dot party from Kelsey yesterday - will post tomorrow.

P.S. - The NEW primary polka dot plates (rainbow dots) are now in stock!

New Polka Dot Birthday Shirt

Our neighbor's daughter, sweet Samantha, turned ONE this week!

I was so happy to use my new hot pink polka dot pique fabric and lime gingham...and an idea for a scalloped applique design that has been floating around in my head. What do you think?

Her mom said she was going to be a "Super Baby!" with her giant "S" shirt. :)

I made the shirt to match her cute pink and green polka dot first party invitations (coming soon to Polka Dot Market):

This shirt design is available online in our Etsy shop at http://polkadotmarket.etsy.com/.

I am happy to design a birthday shirt to match your party invitations too - send me a note to polkadotbirthday@gmail.com.

P.S. - See the handsome little guy to the right eating his blue birthday cake? That is Connor - my really good friend Kelly's son. He is turning ONE this week too...Happy Birthday, Samantha and Connor!

A Polka Dot Valentine For You

Happy Valentine's Day! Yes, I dress my daughters in polka dots. Thank goodness pink and red and hot pink are their favorite colors so they actually LOVED their outfits for school this morning. Whew!

Wishing you and your polka dot kids a very happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.

And if you are throwing a red, pink or hot pink polka dot birthday party, I'm always up for custom designs to match your party theme (aren't those fabrics great?).

We even have a new red with pink dots ribbon in stock to match our Berry Ta Dots fabric perfectly. I'm sewing a custom tutu and tee in this combo this weekend - I'll post a photo next week for you.

Back to the sewing machine - have a super Valentine's Day!

Super-New and Super-Cute First Birthday Collection!

What do you think of our NEW first birthday polka dot party collection? We have matching cups, napkins, hats and tablecovers too!

Arriving early next week! Pre-orders available starting this weekend.

More new styles coming soon - I hope our store-room can fit it all!

We have a BIG boutique birthday hat giveaway coming this week from Sugar Locks too. Stay tuned!

New Boutique Scrapbook Party Hats

Can it get much cuter than this?

Our new polka dot birthday party hats are sold exclusively at Polka Dot Market just for your polka dot birthday parties in these colors -

For Girls:

For Boys:

More styles available at http://www.polka-dot-market.com/.

Find polka dot plates, cups and napkins to match her custom made-to-fit party hat at Polka Dot Market too.

More Cupcake Photos

This chocolate cupcake is making my mouth water, but I'm really loving the custom-birthday-number polka dot cupcake topper made by Debra of Vintage Paper Parade. Her shop is filled with cute birthday invitations, tags and toppers all with a vintage feel. I especially like the green tractor and cooking/baking party invitation designs.
Look at the fancy blue and white polka dot cupcakes that our reader, Jolene, made! You can read her full instructions on her blog. There is an adorable photo of her son with his nose covered in blue frosting - love it!

Please continue to send your photos and polka dot party ideas...I love to see them! You can always add them to our Polka Dot Birthday Flickr group too (have you seen all the beautiful polka dot cake photos posted this week?).
Send ideas and/or photos to polkadotbirthday@gmail.com.