Going Polka Dot Crazy Around Here!

So, as many of you know we have been restocking our "Party Table" aisles at Polka Dot Market.

I got a little excited with all the new designs from our tablewares supplier. I put them on the site as available for "pre-order". Guess what? When three HUGE boxes arrived on my doorstep, I thought..."Mmmmmm....only three boxes?" I had made a very large order. Of course when we unpacked the boxes, many of the new designs were MISSING.

How could they do this to me? I had already sold out of several of these designs just with pre-orders. Of course, I am not the only one in this boat, but I have learned that pre-orders probably aren't the best idea when sometimes you just can't depend on your large suppliers. Alright, alright - lesson learned! (Note: The "out of stock" items should be here by March 15th, cross your fingers.)

So while I waited patiently for my backordered items to arrive, what's a girl to do except go SHOPPING for matching fabric on Etsy? Oh yes! I did.

Check out our new "Ocean Dots" fabric (available in all blues and greens for boys too) to match our watercolor "Painted Dots" tablewares:

Then, I was amazed at all the pre-orders for the groovy "Rainbow Party Dots" plates, cups and napkins:

...So I just HAD to find some new fabric to match...and I had just the thing in mind. Of course it is out of print, but a seller on eBay came through for me. Yes, I paid through the nose for a yard of fabric, but isn't this outfit worth it?

(Thanks, Keri for letting me try something new for your little guy!)

See, it is polka dot CRAZINESS around my house. My mom just visited from Michigan and she was seeing SPOTS by the end of her trip. She really loved unpacking all those boxes of paper plates and napkins and filling orders while she was here too - yeah, right!

Nothing beats a great polka dot birthday party, and we're here to help. One last sneak peek of a new polka dot centerpiece that is in stock (call to order):

Come see me at my polka dot hide-out: www.polka-dot-market.com

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