A Polka Dot Valentine For You

Happy Valentine's Day! Yes, I dress my daughters in polka dots. Thank goodness pink and red and hot pink are their favorite colors so they actually LOVED their outfits for school this morning. Whew!

Wishing you and your polka dot kids a very happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.

And if you are throwing a red, pink or hot pink polka dot birthday party, I'm always up for custom designs to match your party theme (aren't those fabrics great?).

We even have a new red with pink dots ribbon in stock to match our Berry Ta Dots fabric perfectly. I'm sewing a custom tutu and tee in this combo this weekend - I'll post a photo next week for you.

Back to the sewing machine - have a super Valentine's Day!


  1. What cuties! I bet they had the best Valentine's outfits at school! :)

  2. One of the teachers was so excited to see what I came up with...they are too funny.


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