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Adorable Pink and GREEN Party Favors

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

I found these great, amazing, totally cute pink and GREEN party favor scrapbooks for you today, in honor of 'ole St. Patrick.

These little scrapbooks are perfect to keep the kids busy during your pink and green polka dot birthday party. Each set includes ten books ready to scrapbook. All pages are blank inside leaving it to the creative crafters who will be filling it with pictures, stickers or drawings.

You add a craft table, chairs, photos, glue sticks, stickers and markers - the kids can create their own memory books from the party! Make sure you have a polaroid camera ready or set-up your photo printer next to the craft table so you can instantly print photos from the party.

I love these books!

You can always find matching pink and green outfits and tablewares at too.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"Yea, Me!" Cheerleader Tees

Our wonderful customer, Bridget, asked for BIG letters for her daughters' initial tees. So we went big and I love it!

This big initial reminds me of the big letters that fans paint on their t-shirts at football and basketball games. Now your child can be their own cheerleader and say, "Yea, Me!"

Available soon - on all of our shirts for girls and boys.

What do you think of this new super-size font?

(Matching bows are always available too....)

Stawberry Shortcake Polka Dot Party

Look what I found!

You may know that I'm in LOVE with Michael Miller's designer Berry TA Dots fabric:

Well, I also love strawberries. And I had strawberry blonde hair growing up...and I have freckles. So, Strawberry Shortcake is pretty cool in my book.

I cut many letters and numbers with the Berry TA Dots fabric above so how excited was I when I saw the matching Strawberry Shortcake polka dot paper party goods now 50% off at Party America?!

Isn't it fun that Strawberry Shortcake is so popular again? I still have my dolls at my mom's daughters and I will have to go through those boxes next Christmas.

Our customer Noelle designed this adorable custom Berry TA Dots Tutu Set with matching tutu ribbon bow for her daughter's 1st birthday party:

We are happy to sew a Strawberry Shortcake tutu set for your little girl too (up to size 6).

Here are some fun and free Strawberry Shortcake coloring pages for a party activity or goody bag item. Print on light pink copy paper at 50% size, fold pages and staple or tie binding with yarn or ribbon to make a cute take-home book for your guests!