Adorable Pink and GREEN Party Favors

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

I found these great, amazing, totally cute pink and GREEN party favor scrapbooks for you today, in honor of 'ole St. Patrick.

These little scrapbooks are perfect to keep the kids busy during your pink and green polka dot birthday party. Each set includes ten books ready to scrapbook. All pages are blank inside leaving it to the creative crafters who will be filling it with pictures, stickers or drawings.

You add a craft table, chairs, photos, glue sticks, stickers and markers - the kids can create their own memory books from the party! Make sure you have a polaroid camera ready or set-up your photo printer next to the craft table so you can instantly print photos from the party.

I love these books!

You can always find matching pink and green outfits and tablewares at too.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. i just think this is a wonderful idea. i love the colors (because im an AKA):)...but i just love the thought. i used this when i was planning my college`s annual reunion...they were so pretty THANKS FOR THE IDEA !!!!!


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