Make These Cupcakes in Your Party Colors

Our reader Jennifer designed these cute & preppy pink and green polka dot cupcakes for her daugther's 1st birthday party and sent the photos to share with you!

She grabbed all the pink Valentine's Day M&M's for her polka dot cupcake design, and you can find great bargains on Easter M&M's to match in all the stores this week. The Wal-Mart circular in our Sunday newspaper had bags of colored M&M's (nicely wrapped for Easter basket stuffers) on sale too.

Jennifer thought of everything - cupcakes for the kids and chocolate cake for the moms. She even had "Polka Dot" brand wine for the moms!

Polka Dot Wine photo courtesy Elisa Henry Photography

I just need her food coloring recipe for those great bright pink and green icing colors. They match our pink and green polka dot plates and napkins perfectly!

Thanks again for sharing your party photos, Jennifer!

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  1. Those cupcakes are so cute and so easy. Love them!

  2. I found the food coloring at a party is Wilton brand! They make tiny jars of icing color in a huge variety of colors! I used Pink and Leaf Green! So easy-no mixing!! -Jennifer

  3. Thank you for sharing, Jennifer! I (heart) icing! :)

  4. They all are so beautiful.

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