Free Matching Hair Bow for You

Remember Betsy's Ribbon Flip Flops from yesterday's post? She wants to give YOU a free matching double hair bow with every ribbon flip flop purchase from her shop!

I think the patriotic red, white and blue polka dot flip flops above are perfect for all those July 4th birthday parties you are beginning to plan. Your free matching hair bow will be exactly like the double bows on each flip flop.

What about this preppy pair for your pink and green polka dot parties? Your free hair bow will be one she can wear all year long!

For your upcoming trips to Disney, Disney Cruise or red and black polka dot Minnie party themes, she needs this pair of red and black polka dot flip flops for sure:

I just love Betsy's work and her ribbon bows are fabulous. Be sure to mention "Polka Dot Birthday" when ordering your custom pair of polka dot ribbon flip flops from Betsy for your FREE matching hair bow.

P.S. - Looking for pink and chocolate polka dot flip flops? She has those too.


  1. I just made a pair of you flip flops for my 6yr old with a bunch of ribbon and a pair of old flip flops it gave them new life and she loves them. Thanks so much for sharing....

  2. how do you line the side of your flip flops without getting hot glue everywhere? Is there a trick? My glue comes out from under the ribbon and it's hard to clean. Also when i bend the shoe the ribbon kinda breaks away from the that ok?

  3. I use flip flop glue bought at Hobby Lobby. It dries clear and sticks to flip flops better than hot glue.


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