The Ultimate Polka Dot Ladybug Party by Hissyfits Photography

This morning I stumbled upon the ULTIMATE red and black polka dot ladybug birthday party on the Hissyfits Photography blog. You are not going to believe this. It is "extreme-theme" at its finest!

Even if you are not planning a ladybug party, her photos and ideas will give you a GREAT place to start from. This is a fabulous party with tons of photos.

Did I mention she had ladybug balloons, 2 ladybug cakes, ladybug lollipops, ladybug napkins, ladybug puzzles and ladybug appetizer crackers?


Invitations, take two

What do you think of this one for my daughter's 3rd birthday? It's another Dimple Prints creation - the strawberry polka dots invitation!

Boutique Tank Tops (in a pinch)

Here are my two silly daughters this weekend as I snapped photos for three last-minute gifts. We had grandma's birthday plus Father's Day (and grandpa's day too) so everyone got 8x10 framed photos from the Wal-Mart 1-hour photo center and wooden 8x10 matted frames from their Canopy collection. When you are in a pinch, I highly recommend this gift! :)

I wanted to share how I pulled their outfits together. I had these cute pink seersucker stripe skirts on hand from Tuesday Morning (can you believe it? I found Icky Baby brand skirts at Tuesday Morning for $4.50 each). But of course, I did not have matching shirts.

I used to carry American Apparel brand tees for my business, so I had a few pink tank tops left. My youngest is wearing a size 8 (she's almost 3) and my oldest is wearing a 10 (she's 5). This is why I do not stock this brand anymore. :)

Anyway, of course a plain pink tank top is not that cute so I was going to sew on an applique like a bird or flower, but there was no time for that. They were leaving for grandma's house in 20 minutes. So I grabbed my box of 1.5" ribbons and pulled out the best candidates and a white ribbon with pastel pink dots won! I just tied it on and made a bow, then cut the ribbon ends. Done and done!

So if you are in a pinch for a birthday outfit for an upcoming party, browse the ribbon aisle at your craft store or dig through your craft room. Everything looks better with ribbons tied to them, right?

You can pull in the same ribbon colors throughout the party - tie ribbons on little pails for centerpieces, or tie ribbons on the kids' chairs. I've even tied ribbons around the napkins and flower vases. Anything that will stand still usually gets a ribbon. :)

I hope you had a nice weekend with your family. The photos of my girls are now extra special because they were taken in front of our home here in Nashville. It will only be our home for 3 more days.

The packers come Wednesday and the movers load the truck on Thursday. This will be a tough week on my girls (and me) for sure.

Oh! Guess what? My youngest has now changed her mind about her party again and now wants a Strawberry Shortcake party. I need to decide on this invitation - thanks for all of your comments!

(A vinyl wall art giveaway from Quote the Walls ends today over at Polka Dot Mom if you'd like to enter to win a $25 gift card. Hint, hint.)

Polka Dot Favor Bags & Boxes

Some of you have written me looking for polka dot favor bags and boxes. I want to share my favorite spot for these items. How does less than $4 sound for 12 polka dot organza bags? Really!

Okay, okay. Here it is. My favorite secret source for polka dot favor bags and boxes.

You supply the treats, but you can get your boxes and bags here. :)

Which One Should I Pick?

My youngest daughter is turning three in August and I just realized that is about a month away, so I need to get rolling on ordering some invitations for her. I was on Etsy for at least an hour last night, then another hour this morning looking at all of the cute designs. Can you please help me pick?

She has gone back and forth on her birthday party theme. It was Elmo for a long time, then she saw Abby Cadabby and now she likes that. I like the Abby Cadabby theme since I can bring more pink and purple into her party colors! :)

Here are four choices - I could have listed ten, but thought I'd save you (and me) some time. Will you please help me pick her 3rd birthday invitation? Just leave a comment with your favorite design and I'll be sure to share the winner with you.

Does anyone have directions or a tutorial on how to make Abby Cadabby yarn magic wand pom-poms? I thought those would be such cute favors for the girls.

Okay, my mind wanders!

Back to the invitations. I wanted to mention that if you are shopping for invitations, each of these shops has a fabulous selection for boys and girls in every possible color scheme, so be sure to click on "shop" to see them all.

Choice number ONE is above, a totally original scrapbook-style birthday cake invitation by Paper Ramma. I hope she can put a big number "3" on top for me. :)

Here is choice number TWO (above).

What do you think of this pink and purple big dots photo invitation by Silly Me Design? I love that her name will be big and bold. She will like that too.

Choice number THREE (above): I do love this bright and cheerful summer polka dots invitation for her August birthday by Littlebeane Boutique too. I could bring in all these colors to the party decor for sure.

Choice number FOUR: This Lil' Sprout Greetings' polka dot cupcake photo invitation design is definitely on the top of my list, I just love everything about it. I better get started taking some new photos of my little girl for whichever invitation we pick!

I told you they were all cute. What do you think? Which one should I pick?

Funky Polka Dot Ribbon Tutu

Isn't this an adorable and funky all-knotted-into-one polka dot birthday tutu?

I thought this would be perfect for your upcoming polka dot ladybug or polka dot mouse birthday parties. What do you think?

Handmade by Just Samantha at She's new to Etsy and I love to give a little shout to new Etsy sellers.

I can make you a birthday number tee to match! :)

Whimsy Cookie Winner + Tags from Me

(drumroll, please) "...and the winner is..."
The winner of the Whimsy Cookie Co. favor cookies giveaway is lucky number 15 (generated from based on 23 comments before the deadline).

The 15th comment was written by Leigh Anne:

"I like the monogrammed ones or just the round polka dotted ones. Soo cute & look sooo yummy!"

Since I have been away (we are moving to Alabama in 10 days - it is nuts around here!), I will send 12 matching cookie favor tags and ribbon to Leigh Anne too, my treat.

More giveaways coming soon! Thank you to everyone who left a comment. You're the BEST!

Image courtesy: Miss America clothespin doll winner handmade by Creating From the Heart (huge selection of cute clothespin dolls).

Cupcake Toppers for Meredith

Remember when I included eight custom cupcake toppers in the Painted Cookie favor giveaway? Well our winner was Meredith and she is planning a July 4th lakehouse birthday party for three little ones, Colton, Emma and Hodge. We came up with these red-white-and-blue cake toppers for her. What do you think?

Thanks for letting me get creative with your prize, Meredith. I had a ball!

I've officially caught the "cupcake topper bug". My myriad of circle punchers will be working overtime this month...punching any cute paper that dare cross their path! :)

Whimsy Cookie Co. Favor Giveaway

How did Laurie know that I started a diet this week? Just looking at her beautiful handmade cookies makes my tummy rumble! Oh dear...well, at least the kids at your next polka dot birthday party can indulge without guilt in her delicious cookies with this sweet giveaway.

Yes, more cookies to win! Sweet Laurie at Whimsy Cookie Co. wants to bake and decorate one dozen favor cookies for you. Just enter your name and your favorite cookie design from below in the comments. Make sure you have an e-mail address in your profile or in your comment, please.

Giveaway includes one dozen favor cookies plus free shipping.

Love these for a polka dot ladybug or mouse birthday party theme:

Perfect for your little boy's polka dot party favors too:

Grab a glass of cold milk and head over to see Laurie's cookies at then leave a comment below for your chance to win one dozen cookies.

Giveaway will end on Wednesday, June 10th at midnight PST.