The Ultimate Polka Dot Ladybug Party by Hissyfits Photography

This morning I stumbled upon the ULTIMATE red and black polka dot ladybug birthday party on the Hissyfits Photography blog. You are not going to believe this. It is "extreme-theme" at its finest!

Even if you are not planning a ladybug party, her photos and ideas will give you a GREAT place to start from. This is a fabulous party with tons of photos.

Did I mention she had ladybug balloons, 2 ladybug cakes, ladybug lollipops, ladybug napkins, ladybug puzzles and ladybug appetizer crackers?



  1. So how fun it was to click over and see this today! I was just doing my normal morning thing and checking my RSS feed with who had updated and found myself here reading your kind words and sharing my bash! Thanks so much! I hope that others will feel was SUCH a fun party!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. YAY..just what I asked for ...ideas for a ladybug party! Thank you!

  3. This is just so great.

  4. I agree. That polka dot lady bug is super cute. I think that is going to be perfect on the birthday of my daughter. She really loves lady bugs.


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