Which One Should I Pick?

My youngest daughter is turning three in August and I just realized that is about a month away, so I need to get rolling on ordering some invitations for her. I was on Etsy for at least an hour last night, then another hour this morning looking at all of the cute designs. Can you please help me pick?

She has gone back and forth on her birthday party theme. It was Elmo for a long time, then she saw Abby Cadabby and now she likes that. I like the Abby Cadabby theme since I can bring more pink and purple into her party colors! :)

Here are four choices - I could have listed ten, but thought I'd save you (and me) some time. Will you please help me pick her 3rd birthday invitation? Just leave a comment with your favorite design and I'll be sure to share the winner with you.

Does anyone have directions or a tutorial on how to make Abby Cadabby yarn magic wand pom-poms? I thought those would be such cute favors for the girls.

Okay, my mind wanders!

Back to the invitations. I wanted to mention that if you are shopping for invitations, each of these shops has a fabulous selection for boys and girls in every possible color scheme, so be sure to click on "shop" to see them all.

Choice number ONE is above, a totally original scrapbook-style birthday cake invitation by Paper Ramma. I hope she can put a big number "3" on top for me. :)

Here is choice number TWO (above).

What do you think of this pink and purple big dots photo invitation by Silly Me Design? I love that her name will be big and bold. She will like that too.

Choice number THREE (above): I do love this bright and cheerful summer polka dots invitation for her August birthday by Littlebeane Boutique too. I could bring in all these colors to the party decor for sure.

Choice number FOUR: This Lil' Sprout Greetings' polka dot cupcake photo invitation design is definitely on the top of my list, I just love everything about it. I better get started taking some new photos of my little girl for whichever invitation we pick!

I told you they were all cute. What do you think? Which one should I pick?


  1. HI! So I have been following along for awhile now (since last summer!!) and finally decided to quit lurking and comment!! First of all, love your blog! I LOVE party planning and it is fun to come here and get ideas and inspiration! Thank you!

    So....the invites!! While they are all cute, I REALLY love the second one and the forth one. If you are going with Abby Cadabby, number two would be a great fit!

    My friend did an Abby Cadabby party for her daughter last year...here are a couple of links for you! If you have any questions, I am sure she would be willing to share! Tell her I sent you!!



  2. Number 1 is my first choice, but number 4 is a close second!

  3. Number 4 is my favorite and number 3 is my second pick

  4. I love #3 the most, but #2 might go better with Abby Cadabby's color scheme. Tough one! :)

  5. No. 1 is my favorite, however, I also like No. 4 since it is a photo invite. I prefer photo invites!

  6. HI!! Number three is way to precious!!!! just perfect and with these you can really fly with decor, favors & cake.

  7. I love number 4. I just ordered my daughters 1st invite from esty from a site from your blog. And I also bought polka dotted plates from you as well. THey are so cute. Good luck trying to decide!!

    Oh a question if you have time. Do you give favors for a first birthday with the theme of polka dots?

  8. I love that first one, but I'd rather have a photo invite, so I'd probably go with #4. We did a polka dot theme for my daughter's 1st birthday and I made this invite -


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