Look What I Made on Picnik

This cute favor bag tag for her strawberry and polka dots themed birthday party!

The gingham strawberry card is from www.letteringdelights.com (search "strawberry" or any theme word) and I added the text myself on www.picnik.com (my new favorite hang-out).

What do you think?

I made strawberry return address circle stickers too. I will probably use some of the strawberry elements to make thank you cards...and who knows what else. We are going "strawberry crazy" around our house!

Next up, strawberry ribbon flip flops and deciding if I am going to make her dress with the awesome strawberry fabric I bought or use it for placemats or a tablerunner. Mmmm....

See how much fun picking a single element for your party theme can be? Of course, bring polka dots in to make it really preppy and fun.

Your theme could be: Sand pails, starfish, jelly beans, cupcakes, dump trucks, ducks, apples or ladybugs. The sky's the limit! Pick their favorite thing and have fun with it. :)

What are some other really fun party themes based around one object or element?


  1. Gotta love Picnik,,, I'm there allot!

    My sister is planning a 'carnival' themed party for my niece... such an easy and fun theme to run with!!

  2. LOVE picnik! Everything's coming together so cute! Time to get ready for Chloe's party. She wants a "pink lemonade" theme. We'll see what we can come up with!!

  3. Amy, a carnival theme will be so much fun! Stripes and polka dots for sure.

    Heather, tell Chloe she thinks of the best party themes. That is so original and I'm sure it will be fabulous. Pink and yellow everywhere!

    Thank you, Jessica!


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