New Twirl Tutus at Polka Dot Market

I'm back! I want to let the polka dot backpack winners that their bags are shipping today. The ribbons are all tied and trimmed - hope you like them!

I've been adding new products to Polka Dot Market that I am so excited about like new banners, aprons and the twirl skirt tutu pictured above.

You know our sewn ballet-style handmade tutus. They are 8" long and perfect for first birthday parties and portraits. Each is made to size and machine-stitched one at a time with 50+ yards of tulle. They are very time-intensive, but a labor of love. There is nothing like a handmade, sewn tutu!

Are some of you looking for a tutu that looks great, feels soft and is a little longer for older girls? Oh, and I bet you wouldn't mind if it was half the price of our handmade tutu?

You will love our new 12" long twirl skirt tulle tutus. Made with THREE layers of tulle and finished with an elastic waistband on satin ribbon trim. This skirt will fit 16" to 24" waist sizes and comes with a very nice price tag. Only $18 with your choice of polka dot ribbon bow OR silk gerber daisy jeweled flower clip. How fun is that?

Now in stock, choose from black, red, orange, pink and purple twirl tutus.

I listened to all of your comments and suggestions for new products, and I think our new Twirl Tutus are great for tweens. We will have sizes 8, 10 and 12 shirts available this fall too for you.

I am working on another project with TomKat Studio that you will love - check back soon!

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  1. I got the backpack yesterday. My daughter loves it. Its to cute! Thank you


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