Ladybug Party for a Miracle Baby

Tiffany of Tessa's Tidings was gracious enough to share her birthday party planning mastery, photos and her family's heart with us today. I don't normally post photos of the birthday girl's mom crying at her 1st birthday party, but there is a reason. Tessa was born one year ago 15 weeks premature weighing 1 pound, 15 ounces. Tiffany writes how overwhelming it was to celebrate at Tessa's 1st birthday party, remembering where they were just one year before. Read more about Tessa's birth here.

It is well worth saying that birthdays can be joyous or a total heartache and I want to pray today for all the moms who may not get to plan a 1st birthday party this year. Read more about premature birth at

Tiffany planned an all-out red and black polka dot ladybug theme birthday party for Tessa this year. From hand-stamped ladybug paper tablecloths to red and black polka dot party hats with lime feather trims, I just love every personal touch.

See Tiffany's red t-shirt in this photo? She is committed to her theme - I love that! :)

I think she is brave for giving Tessa that huge lime green smash cake! At least she took off her precious ladybug pillowcase dress first. :)

Tiffany took the time to note each store or friend who helped her pull her ladybug themed party together. Find all the resources and inspiration you need in her party photo album.

Thank you for sharing your heart and your little ladybug's story with us, Tiffany!

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  1. i'm so happy i stumbled across your blog so cute and colorful! this story hits my heart as i am a mom of 2 daughters both premies and went thru so much h*ll with them that to me birthdays were always a HUGE celebration! so i'm so happy to share this moment with the little lady bug and her family. much love and well wishes!
    ps do you know where i can get black and orange polka dot plates? i'm on a "hunt" thanks!!!


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