More Birthday Photos in our Facebook Group

Look who I found hanging out in the Polka Dot Market Facebook group yesterday!

This sweetie is wearing our pink and green birthday tutu set complete with our polka dot korker ribbon bow. Oh, I love her dimple and those two little teeth...takes me back. How did my girls turn 3 and 5 so fast?

One, two...buckle my shoe. Have you seen a cuter pair? This brother and sister duo are all decked out in coordinating chocolate dots birthday number shirts. Sis is wearing our pink and chocolate tutu set and brother is wearing a comfy light blue boy's number tee.

I'd love it if you join our Facebook group too! (Did I mention that I posted a new coupon this morning for our members?)

Have a great Sunday with your family!

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  1. OMG, these pis are too cute! I know how exciting it is to see customers enjoying your products. Keep up the good work!!!


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