Add a Little Vintage to your Party

I was looking around Etsy today for some fun vintage birthday party decor ideas for you...and then I found Vintage Jane! Whoa. My search ended. This is an awesome shop for children's vintage finds! Here's how my "party planning brain" works when I see items like this:

Hello, fabulous table centerpiece for a cooking party, cupcake party or cookie decorating party!

I want this. Wait 'til you see the interior photos. You could even display it OPEN at the party and hang a little sign with ribbon spelling the birthday girl's name in glitter. Pair with some pink plates or tea cups for a unique focal point that your guests will remember. Plus she gets to keep the mini fridge for her room!

#2 - Blue polka dot vintage metal teapot

This teapot will make a great table centerpiece, coffee/tea station decor or even perched high on the present table. Add fresh flowers, tie color coordinating balloons to the handle, or fill with party favors, cutlery or flags. Perfect for boys or girls, birthdays or baby showers - this is definitely something to add to your party decor stash!

#3 - Vintage Toy Truck

Hosting a little boy's birthday party or baby shower? You need this truck!
That's all I'm going to say.

#4 - Vintage Gas Station Number

Someone turning 5 or 6 or 9? Vintage Jane has more numbers too. How cool are these? Hang from your mailbox, front door or perch this vintage number sign on the gift table. Take it with you to the photographer for an awesome photo prop!

I love this bowl for party decorating or use in your kitchen all year long. I think it would add the perfect touch to a table centerpiece for a bumblebee or monkey party, or even a baby shower!
You can never have enough bowls in your party closet. Keep the chips in here, or the party favors all wrapped up for your guests. This vintage bowl is just plain 'ole pretty!

Find even more awesome vintage treasures inside Vintage Jane to match your party theme. She has chalkboards, tea towels, picnic baskets, games and more!
I think polka dots and vintage go together fabulously! Do you?


  1. Great vintage items!

    I have the yellow dot bowl. I bought it at a flea market ages ago.

  2. Such a cute idea! I love it! I have been throwing themed parties lately- and has been a great resource.


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