Homemade Party Favor Cookie Mix

Looking for a unique party favor for your fall and winter birthdays and baby showers? What about polka dot cowboy cookie mix in an old-fashioned glass jar? (The "polka dots" are M&Ms and raisins!)

See the entire "Little Buckaroo" baby shower in photos on Heather's blog. Her fabulous ideas can easily translate to a boy's birthday party too!

Make your jar cookie mix with M&M candies in your party colors - pink, green, chocolate, blue, red, purple...mix up your favorite colors here.

Heather even created a "clothesline" of handmade baby onesies and cloth diapers for her decor. So creative!

She gives you all her hints and tricks too. Be sure to "follow" her blog!


  1. Very cute idea for a party. This could be used many different ways. I've seen kind of the same thing for Christmas parties with hot cocoa! Too cute!

  2. Your cookie mix party favor is a lovely idea, especially for kids!

  3. Thanks to Heather for this one! I guess I need to search for more cookie jar mix ideas for you all! :) Happy to do it -


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