Pink Polka Dot Ladybug Party Photos

I am so happy to share Christa's pink and chocolate ladybug birthday party photos with you!
Christa writes:
"I have been in love with polka dots since the day my daughter was born. So it only seemed fitting that her 1st birthday party had to be a Polka Dot themed one. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I had planning this special day.

The name of the party was a Polka Dot Ladybug party. I spent hours searching through many websites to find the best décor ideas because I knew I wanted to make everything myself.

Polka Dot Market was a LARGE help with many of the ideas I used and of course had the CUTEST OUTFIT ever for our little Junebug.
With all of the décor I tried to stick with the three colors, pink, green and brown since these were the colors I used throughout her nursery.

For the invitation, I loved the concept of the ladybug’s wings being able to open. I found the perfect scrapbook paper and this is where it all began. I carried this pattern throughout everything I made. I couldn’t have found a more perfect paper!! The invitations were made from the scrapbook paper and the envelopes were out of Kraft wrapping paper. Note: If you make your own invitation, choose your envelope first, that way you know what size your invite should be. I did it backwards and ended up having to make my own envelopes because my invite was too big for any standard one.

All my decorations were made from the scrapbook paper and pink, green and brown construction paper. It was very cost effective but just took a lot more time, which I didn’t mind. I created banners by printing the lettering out on my computer and used the scissors that cut in patterns to cut each letter out for some added detail. I linked all the letters together with paper clips. This made it easy to hang them where I wanted with just a push pin.

I ordered pink and green polka dot balloons to tie to all the chairs, and I decorated her highchair with pink, green and brown tulle and glue polka dots that were cut from my scrapbooking paper onto the tulle.

My centerpieces were just vases that I already had, again decorated with the scrapbook paper polka dots. I also found pink, green, and brown polka dot ribbon to tie around each one. The flowers were made out of washcloths that I rolled up and stuck onto long lollipop candy sticks and stuck them into sand that I got from the beach (free).

As activities, I had a polka dot ducky bath, floating polka dot rubber ducky's that lit up. The kids loved this!! I also had a bounce house and music playing in the background from a CD that was customized with my daughters name in all the songs. I had a guessing jar full of Cherrios since this was her favorite snack. Closest person got a giant box of Dots candy. I had a “guessing of her age” game where I put up 8 pictures of her at different stages of her first year, person who guessed the most right answers got a bundle of mentos candy rolls.

As for the food, I tried to have everything be in some sort of polka dot form.

Here are some examples of what I served:

Hamburgers dots, buns dots, pickle dots, tomato dots, lettuce dots. Dotted Cheetos balls, dot pasta salad, green dot chicken salad, with grapes as the dots, red cherry dotted fruit salad. I had a Dotted Candy Bar that had all sorts of dot shaped candy and of course the Dotted Dessert bar. I made a polka dot ladybug cake with the Wilton Ladybug cake pan, and had a variety of dessert bars that I had used a circle shaped cookie cutter for.

The best ice cream idea… Dippin’ Dots ice cream. I had strawberry and mint chip, which kept with the color scheme.

All my serving ware was through Pier1imports summer line. Couldn’t have been better timing for them to come out with polka dot serving bowls. All of the plates, table linens, cups, and silverware were from Target’s polka dot birthday line. Attached to each serving bowl, I made name signs where I typed out the name of the food on the computer and attached it to the construction paper and then to a popsicle stick and attached it to each item. The table looked really fun!!

Last but not least, the favor bags, I had brown gifts bags and on the outside I had a small ladybug cutout from the scrapbook paper. Inside I put, a bag of assorted dot shaped candy (ex. dots, sweet tarts, mentos, peppermints, m&m's, skittles, etc), I found polka dot loofas, a toy ladybug that flipped upside down, bouncy balls, and a personalized polka dot pen that had a message on it that said, “Thank for coming to my 1st Birthday Party!”

And you may all be saying, she only turned one and won’t remember anything, but there are always pictures… AND if you can believe it, I’m already starting to plan birthday #2. It’s going to take me that long to come up with something as good as this one!!! Happy Planning!"

Thank you, Christa!


  1. WOW! Everything looks beautiful. Amazing job!

  2. More photos of her invitations (and more) may be viewed in our group at

    Thanks, Christa!

  3. What an amazing 1st birthday party! Kudos to Christa for working so hard to put together such an adorable party!

  4. I have been looking everywhere for a party style similar to my own and THANK YOU! You have wonderful ideas and I love that you went all out. My daughter will be 1 in March and I am going all out despite most people think that its a waste of time. I hope to make all my daughter's "firsts" and birthdays be a big deal..bc they are. We are doing a pink and brown giraffe theme ..with giraffe print touches here and there rather than print all over the I am totally open to suggestions on ideas and such. LOVE your blog!!!

  5. I love everything you did! GREAT JOB! Im throwing my daughter a ladybug party..she will be 2 in July. I love your shirt...where did you get it?!?


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