Topiary Centerpieces for your Table

I've been meaning to share these with you - a $15.00 white silk flower topiary created by Lyndsey Keiser Designs!

I know how much you LOVE centerpiece ideas...this was created for a wedding, but can't you just see it for a polka dot party too?

This little white tree is just SCREAMING for some polka dot ribbon bows to make it complete. Tie a big bow around the pot, another bow at the base of the flower ball and throw some polka dot ribbon streamers in there pinned between the roses for good measure!

$15.00? What a steal. She has NINE left. But if you are nice, maybe (just maybe) Lyndsey will create one just for you.

Maybe a pink one? :)


  1. It is so cute and versatile! I just found your blog and am SO happy I found YOU! Your blog is exactly what I love. :) I just posted about a SECRET AGENT spy party and would love for you to check it out if possible! Thank you.


  2. PS I'm a new follower!

    AND I have one more too show you, (lol, this is fun!). It's polka dots too!


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