The Polka Dot Balloons are Here

Most of the polka dot balloons are up on the site today!

Thanks to my two little girls playing Legos and watching "Charlie and Lola" and "Handy Manny" for an hour. :)

I still need to add the pink, purple and blue polka dot balloons, but today you may order:

Hot Pink
Lime Green
Chocolate Brown
and Red!

See you over at the new polka dot balloon headquarters at Polka Dot Market!

Polka Dot Balloons to Match Your Party!

I can't contain my excitement!

Polka dot balloons will soon be available for purchase from Polka Dot Market.

I can't stand it.

I am so excited. For you and for me!

The really awesome part?

You'll be able to purchase your polka dot balloons by the color. Not in some crazy assortment pack with colors in there that do not match your party theme.

You can buy all pink.

Or all blue.

Or pink and orange.

Or red and blue.

Isn't this totally awesome?!

Polka Dot Market may be one of the only places offering you this "by the color" option.


Because I know that if you are planning a pink and green polka dot party, you do NOT want blue balloons.

Right? I hear ya'!

This week I will be uploading all these new polka dot balloons for you.

I bought them out. I'll have red, green, lime, blue, turquoise, orange, pink and more!

Sold in packs of five (because the best tip I ever learned in "Balloon Decorating 101" is to use odd numbers) for only $2.95. I'll pack and ship 'em, you blow them up at your local grocery store floral department.

Exciting, isn't it?

I cannot wait to see your party photos over the next few months...filled with polka dot balloons from Polka Dot Market!

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from My House

Thank you for allowing me some time away from blogging. I had forgotten how busy the two weeks before Christmas can be.

With school parties, music programs, ballet shows, the Nutcracker, church, parties, decorating, sending gifts - well, you know!

We are STILL having fun and enjoying each other's company. My husband goes back to work tomorrow (boo), but tells me he will be off Thursday through Tuesday (yea)!

The photo above is one of the takes from our Christmas card quickie photo shoot in our front yard. I love having leaves in my yard in December. Alabama rocks.

Below is me being "that mom" who totally embarrasses her kindergartener. This was taken right before the Christmas service began in our big church. Right at the front steps in front of everyone.
My oldest was like, "Momma, no!" I said I'd be quick. Tee, hee.

Visit the Polka Dot Market home page to see my daughter riding a HUGE tractor at the zoo. :)
Be back soon!

Holly's Pink Polka Dot Mouse Party

Holly hosted a pink polka dot mouse birthday party for her niece last month - you will love her photos and all of her ideas.

She definitely stayed true to her theme of pink polka dots and Minnie Mouse. I love it!

Thanks for sharing with us, Holly!

Make Your Own Polka Dot Cake

Want to see how to make your own fondant, roll it out, cut your own polka dots and place them on your birthday cake?

This is a great tutorial with lots of photos and a link to her favorite fondant recipe by Jennifer at Bake Your Heart Out:

Do-It-Yourself Polka Dot Birthday Cake

Have fun and remember to send me photos of YOUR polka dot cakes too!


Maxwell's Party on Design Dazzle

Looking for polka dot party inspiration? How about for a little boy's party?

Design Dazzle is featuring an Aqua & Red Cars Party today - complete with polka dot cookies and a aqua gingham name banner.

You will love the photos and the ideas can be translated to ANY party colors!

Make This Cute Flower Topper

Elle's Studio created this adorable Pixy Stix polka dot flower topper - perfect for your party decor or even as a favor!

Available as a free download from the Elle Studio blog here.

Be sure to leave her a comment to say, "Thank you!"

When you click the hot pink "Download" button, a template for the three flower shapes will appear. Print your pdf on cardstock to use as a pattern, or print directly on 8 1/2" x 11" patterned scrapbook paper to create your flower layers.

The inner circle "Happy Birthday" layer is not included, so cut your own circles and print or write any text on them! Some ideas for your center circle:

"Thanks for coming to Amy's 3rd Birthday!"

"Thank You! Love, Jack"

"Welcome to Melissa's 2nd Birthday Party"

"Dessert Table"

"Presents for the Birthday Girl"

"Favors for our Friends"

Ways to use your Flower Topper free printable:

- Print a bunch of flowers, create your stacks, then string together to make a flower banner

- Use the smallest flower only, print on patterned paper, punch a hole and hang with ribbon from your chandelier for a centerpiece

-Tape flowers to straws or sticks to create favors, party craft or decor

-Use this flower to create your own unique gift tags for presents to give.


Thanks again, Elle's Studio!

Holiday Sale at Imperfectly Beautiful

I know a FEW of you are planning little princess parties...

So how would you like to save 15% off this fabulous hand-painted polka dot crown wall decor?

Perfect for your party entrance or above the gift table, then move it to her bedroom for year-round fun!

Amanda is the owner of Imperfectly Beautiful and the creator of this piece and many other beautiful things in her shop.

She LOVES custom orders - let her design something for your son's superhero party too. (Kyla commented that she'd love something with stars, dots and "POW!" or "BANG!" yellow bursts. Great idea!)

Keep commenting on the Dimple Prints giveaway - 2 more days!