Make This Cute Flower Topper

Elle's Studio created this adorable Pixy Stix polka dot flower topper - perfect for your party decor or even as a favor!

Available as a free download from the Elle Studio blog here.

Be sure to leave her a comment to say, "Thank you!"

When you click the hot pink "Download" button, a template for the three flower shapes will appear. Print your pdf on cardstock to use as a pattern, or print directly on 8 1/2" x 11" patterned scrapbook paper to create your flower layers.

The inner circle "Happy Birthday" layer is not included, so cut your own circles and print or write any text on them! Some ideas for your center circle:

"Thanks for coming to Amy's 3rd Birthday!"

"Thank You! Love, Jack"

"Welcome to Melissa's 2nd Birthday Party"

"Dessert Table"

"Presents for the Birthday Girl"

"Favors for our Friends"

Ways to use your Flower Topper free printable:

- Print a bunch of flowers, create your stacks, then string together to make a flower banner

- Use the smallest flower only, print on patterned paper, punch a hole and hang with ribbon from your chandelier for a centerpiece

-Tape flowers to straws or sticks to create favors, party craft or decor

-Use this flower to create your own unique gift tags for presents to give.


Thanks again, Elle's Studio!

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  1. Wow! It's really cute. A lot's of different texture make the one ART.


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