Merry Christmas from My House

Thank you for allowing me some time away from blogging. I had forgotten how busy the two weeks before Christmas can be.

With school parties, music programs, ballet shows, the Nutcracker, church, parties, decorating, sending gifts - well, you know!

We are STILL having fun and enjoying each other's company. My husband goes back to work tomorrow (boo), but tells me he will be off Thursday through Tuesday (yea)!

The photo above is one of the takes from our Christmas card quickie photo shoot in our front yard. I love having leaves in my yard in December. Alabama rocks.

Below is me being "that mom" who totally embarrasses her kindergartener. This was taken right before the Christmas service began in our big church. Right at the front steps in front of everyone.
My oldest was like, "Momma, no!" I said I'd be quick. Tee, hee.

Visit the Polka Dot Market home page to see my daughter riding a HUGE tractor at the zoo. :)
Be back soon!

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  1. Your girls are adorable! I have two myself I'm partial to little girls! Ok give ...the initial shirts in the pics from your Christmas photos ...where did they come from? Have a Happy and Safe New Year!


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