Polka Dot Balloons to Match Your Party!

I can't contain my excitement!

Polka dot balloons will soon be available for purchase from Polka Dot Market.

I can't stand it.

I am so excited. For you and for me!

The really awesome part?

You'll be able to purchase your polka dot balloons by the color. Not in some crazy assortment pack with colors in there that do not match your party theme.

You can buy all pink.

Or all blue.

Or pink and orange.

Or red and blue.

Isn't this totally awesome?!

Polka Dot Market may be one of the only places offering you this "by the color" option.


Because I know that if you are planning a pink and green polka dot party, you do NOT want blue balloons.

Right? I hear ya'!

This week I will be uploading all these new polka dot balloons for you.

I bought them out. I'll have red, green, lime, blue, turquoise, orange, pink and more!

Sold in packs of five (because the best tip I ever learned in "Balloon Decorating 101" is to use odd numbers) for only $2.95. I'll pack and ship 'em, you blow them up at your local grocery store floral department.

Exciting, isn't it?

I cannot wait to see your party photos over the next few months...filled with polka dot balloons from Polka Dot Market!

Happy New Year!


  1. I need pink and green. Please please let me know when they are available. Ediemullins@msn.com. Thanks

  2. Would I be able to order just one color?

  3. Yes, you can order just one color. See our express order balloons: http://www.polka-dot-market.com/catalog.php?category=104


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