DIY - Make a Polka Dot Box Tower for your Cupcakes

Look what my buddy Amanda over at Imperfectly Beautiful has come up with!

Her creative juices are FLOWING!

Guess what? She made this monogrammed cupcake stand out of cardboard boxes she grabbed from her garage (the after-Christmas morning pile).

Now you can make a variation for your own polka dot birthday party, baby shower or girls' night out!

Amanda says she is happy to share her tips with you:

1. Go out to the garage and find 2-3 boxes to build your "tower".

2. Wrap your boxes in polka dot wrapping paper (see below), kraft paper or any paper you have on had to match your color scheme.

3. Grab more tape and and make a "ribbon belt" for your boxes.

4. Print your name circles (or squares) from the computer, cut out and tape to larger colored circles (use your 3-initial monogram, name or spell, "Happy 3rd Birthday" or "Welcome Baby").

5. Stack your finished boxes.

6. Pile on the cupcakes and take a photo!

7. Send Sally your photo to :)

8. Go tell Amanda "Thank You!" for the DIY cupcake tower!

Look what Amanda's sister made (love this!):

Have fun creating your own cupcake tower!

Here is the link again to Amanda's Cupcake Box Stand.

And if you need cardboard boxes, call me. My recycling man would be happy if he didn't have to load all my flattened boxes each week! :)


  1. LOVE this and I think I can make one that would be perfect for Tessa's 2nd birthday...a Big Top Circus Theme!!

  2. Wow! That is a truly great idea! Love it!!!


  3. I love this ideas... so cute. Had to share it with the people on my blog. I gave you all the credit!

  4. Just wanted to share this with you: Loved this idea so much I did one for a baby shower. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. This is such a great idea. I've been tossing it around for my niece's wedding in July. I am just not sure of finding the "right" boxes to make this with and having to serve about 300 cupcakes might get a bit overwhelming with all the layers I would need.

  6. I made one too-- so fun!


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