Make a Cardboard Box Play-Shop to Fit Your Theme

Time to get our your box cutters or...Time to put Daddy to work!

This is a great DIY project for a child's ice cream shop box that will help pull your birthday party theme together for the children. Not hosting an ice cream party? Use this great idea as a starting point. Grab a pencil and start sketching out a box "place" for the kids to go during your child's party.

With inspiration from Childhood 101, you can turn a giant box into perfectly-matched birthday party decor!

The Bakery Shop Box

Perfect for ice cream themes, cupcake themes, sweet treats themes, lollipop themes, etc.

The Concession Stand Box

Perfect for circus themes, baseball themes, zoo themes, etc.

The Beauty Shop Box

Perfect for beauty themes, manicure, make-up, hair-do, dress-up parties, etc.

The Science or Space or Nature Box

Turn into a bug exhibit gallery or a rocket ship or a ladybug box

The Pet Shop Box

Guests can pick-a-pet or to fit your theme - puppies, poodles, fish, kittens, etc.

Let your imagination run wild!

See full instructions to make-your-own kids party box shop at Childhood 101.

(Found by way of One Pretty Thing.)


  1. THANK YOU for posting this....I am planning a Big Top Circus Party for Tessa's 2nd and this will come in VERY handy!

  2. Thank you for the link to my blog, I am so glad you like the ice cream shop, my daughter loves it! And I love your site too!


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