Printable Polka Dot Baggie Toppers

Amy at Living Locurto has amazed me...AGAIN! While browsing her awesome site last night, I clicked on her FREE Printables section and look what I found!

DIY Printable Polka Dot Goody Bag Thank You Toppers

Okay, these are not new to some people. Apparently she published last May! Oops. Where have I been?!

There are two sizes of this cute bag topper available, depending on the size of baggie (from the dollar store) you choose to use for your party favor bags.

Then fill your baggies with candy treats or homemade goods to match your party theme colors!

I think the black polka dots with green trim is perfect for boys (or St. Patrick's Day) and the black dots with pink trim is great for girls (or Valentine's Day)!

You will have the snazziest polka dot favor bags on the block.

Be sure to bookmark this one or go ahead and save to your computer for later.

Please leave Amy a comment to tell her, "THANKS, GIRL!"


  1. I love it! This will be great! I will def. share on my blog!

  2. Ooo La La...these are cute. I'll have to stop by her blog for sure. Thanx!

  3. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  4. i have been searching for ideas, as that is the theme that my twins requested for their 5th birthday. This will be the first year that they get a "real" party with new friends. Your ideas are fantastic and inexpensive which is always a plus. Thank you very much!


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