Our Newest Polka Dot Party Supplies...

The FedEx man is...tired.
He has brought lots of BIG, heavy boxes up my front steps this week.
All for YOU!
Polka Dot Market is so happy, happy, happy to be stocking these three new polka dot patterns in plates and napkins.
We will have:
  • Red/White Polka Dot Spots with Black Trim
  • Black/White Polka Dot Spots with Hot Pink Trim
  • Blue/White Polka Dot Spots with Yellow Trim
  • Red/White Spots with Blue Trim
  • and more Primary Colors too!

Available this weekend at:


  1. Will you be getting the red and white plates in also?

  2. perfection! I'll have to feature this on my blog megmacdesigns.blogspot.com

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  5. This is so great

  6. I have been a big fun of polka dot party supplies and I have been using this kind of theme for a party for over a year now. I am a party organizer and my clients really love polka dots theme.


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