Polka Dot Pottery Painting Party

Guess what?

My first daughter, Mia, is turning 6 next week!

I've been running around to stores, spending crazy amounts of time on Google and trying to stick to our party theme:

Polka Dots, Piggy Banks, Painting and Pastels!

Here is the "inspiration board" I created to gather up my colors and items I already have in one place, so I can SEE what I still need.

I picked her invitation first. Lucky for me, I had this polka dot painted piggy bank invitation in stock. They are huge and fill a 5 x 7 stationery envelope - I love that. I ordered a few extra blank invitations to use on the pottery table centerpieces, dessert table and if I have enough left, I will use the blank invitations as her "thank you" favor tags. Fun!

Next I pulled the paper goods to match her invitations. Our Painted Dots plates, cups and napkins were a great compliment - the dots are big and "painted".

On a recent trip to Wal-Mart, I detoured to their painting aisle and grabbed up their 88-cent paint brushes for the favor bags too. I was going to paint all of the handles (they are unfinished) to match the party colors, but this requires sanding and priming and I'm not sure I'll have time. Trying to get hubby and daughter to take this on as a "fun project". :)

I've already started playing with the paint brushes for the centerpiece too. They have holes in the handle, so I've been tying cute tags to them and playing. I'll post photos of my options - my craft table is one giant "pastel polka dot piggy painting party" mess right now!

I found the clean silver paint cans at Home Depot and scooped up MORE unfinished cheap-o paint brushes in a larger size. I've covered one can in coordinating purple gingham paper today and I love it.

The hot pink aprons with two pockets (the birthday girl INSISTED on pockets) will be the big party favor item. We invited girls only to keep the guest list small this time around. I'm thinking of sewing that lime green polka dot ribbon across the top of the apron and maybe a big bow on the pockets. Still playing around with that....

I'll post more details this week. Like those cute "6" circles, the favor bags and what in the world my daughter will be wearing to the party (still haven't tackled that question!). She wants to wear jean shorts. I'm hoping for a jean skirt and cute tee!

Let me know if you have any tall centerpiece ideas. I cannot hang anything from the pottery studio ceiling and there is not a chandelier. We're working from the table UP here, ladies! :)

Here is my sweet first-born at the farm this week (on a class field trip):

Primary Dots Candy Buffet { Wonder Pets Theme }

Daphne over at Moo Moo's & Tutus recently hosted a primary polka dots Wonder Pets party for her son's second birthday.

...and she has shared all the photos with us!

Can you believe how cute her candy table buffet turned out?

I just want to know where she found the cute red schoolhouse for the top of her cupcake tower!

Daphne used rolls (and rolls) of primary polka dot ribbons for her candy buffet table. Just think - you can use all of the same bowls and vases and cupcake stands for every party in your house simply by changing out the ribbon colors to match each theme!

You simply must visit her blog to see all of her great Wonder Pets polka-dot-party ideas:

  • Fly Boat Rides (in their red wagon complete with "W" flag!)
  • Photo Booth inside the Wonder Pets inflatable pool
  • Yellow "Ming-Ming" Peeps
  • ...and the birthday boy's cupcake arrived atop its own mini Fly Boat!

Daphne has an Etsy shop, Moo Moo's & Tutus, and sells the cutest polka dot party printables - including cupcake toppers and water bottle wrappers - check it out!

Thank you for sharing your son's special day with us, Daphne!

See her entire Wonder Pets polka dot party here: Moo Moo's & Tutus blog.

Bold & Bright Polka Dot Cake

You can see up-close photos of this bold and bright polka dot cake (made with iced sugar cookies as the dots!) at the fabulous I am Baker blog.

She picked her party colors based on a favorite bright and bold glittery scrapbook paper design. Then her party ideas launched from there!

You will love reading her entire post and your mouth might actually start to water when you see the up-close photos of her giant polka dot cookie sticks. Yum-o!

Visit Polka Dot Market to see our bold and bright polka dot plates, cups and napkins to match your party.