Grace's Pink and Green Polka Dot Party

(I just LOVE this family photo from Grace's 1st Birthday Party - this is what it's all about!)

Grace's mom, Amanda, sent us her party photos all the way from...Australia!

She created a very special day for Grace. Complete with a polka dot Skittles #1 cake (awesome idea!):

(I know some of you moms will buy 10 bags of Skittles just so you can separate them into YOUR party colors! Okay, I would do it too. Good think Amanda used all of these pretty bright colors for her party theme. I love this idea - thanks for sharing, Amanda!)

One of my favorite ideas from Grace's party post is her favor bags:

She used wooden clothespins to close the bags and clip-on a tag with each child's name. I just think that is so unique - who says every favor bag must include a hole-puncher and a ribbon? Great thinking, Amanda!

For her food and dessert table, she created a mini cupcake box tower with one level - see it wrapped in pink polka dot wrapping paper above? I think this is from our previous Amanda's cupcake box tower post. So cute!

I also love the handmade polka dot garland on the table and three sweet pink lanterns really frame-out the space. Pink and lime green everywhere...just beautiful.

Thank you so much for sharing your daughter's special 1st birthday party photos with us, Amanda!

Read all the details, get inspired and view more photos on her blog: Grace's 1st Polka Dot Party.

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Jill's Pink and Orange Polka Dot Party Photos

This little cutie received the pink and orange polka dot "royal treatment" for her birthday party!

Her mommy, Jill, blogs at BooBearyBinks. She is one crafty lady! You will love all of her pink and orange polka dot party ideas (and on-a-budget tips too).

From her pink and orange tutu to orange tissue poms and pink lanterns, Jill thought of everything! Even the FOOD was pink and orange (think pink Krispies treats and orange candy slices).

She even shares how to make this sweet pink and orange scrapbook birthday banner in a tutorial on her blog.

Thank you for sharing your daughter's pink and orange polka dot birthday party photos with us, Jill!

Pottery Party Photos

Sorry I have been away! Seems that husband away on business = tired mommy who falls asleep at 10pm. :)

Here are a few photos from our daughter's 6th birthday party last week. She had SO much fun with her friends and it was honestly the EASIEST party I have ever thrown. Didn't have to clean the house? Check! Didn't have to clean up the party? Check!

The top photo above is the one big table where the girls sat. Each chair is draped with their hot pink apron (with lime polka dot ribbon bow) just waiting for them to arrive! The handprint wall is for the birthday kids to leave their mark after the party (Mia loved that).

Thank you for your ideas for the centerpieces. You mentionned stacking the paint cans, which lead my brain to needing "height", which lead me to my living room where I snagged the large turquoise tin vase from my mantle! I made the white tissue poms from this Katydid and Kid tutorial. I made mine half the size, then wrapped the $1 bamboo sticks (for a whole bag) in pink satin ribbon I had on hand for the four pom flower stems in the vase. Close-up photos to come!

The polka dot balloons are from my business and the sweet girls at the pottery studio filled them with helium for me!

On to more photos...these are the blank paint cans from Home Depot covered in gingham scrapbook paper (Martha Stewart packs from Michael's). I made a template (actually I messed up the first one because I never plan ahead, so that became my template!) and punched the holes for the can handles with a tiny circle punch I have. I used double-stick tape to keep the paper in place. Worked great at home, but party was on the MOST humid day of the year in Alabama so it kept coming undone. Oops. Mia wrote "cupcakes" and "games and prizes" on the blank invitations we had, which I thought was so cute. I put my cupcake stand inside the open paint can for fun! I made the "6" cupcake toppers with a circle punch and a scallop punch (have I told you before that I have way too many paper punches?) and a lollipop stick and good 'ole double-stick tape (must-have).

Here are the party girls "sketching" out their piggy bank designs. This was the first activity - I always have something like this at kid's parties to keep them occupied since everyone arrives at different times. I enlarged a clip art photo of a piggy bank and added the title "Piggy Bank Practice" and "By: _________________" at the top of the page. I can share in pdf form - send me an e-mail to and I'll forward to you.

This is a last-minute lightbulb moment for "what am I going to do with all these paintbrushes"? Insert double-stick tape and lots of polka dot ribbons I have in my studio. Voila! Paintbrush "flowers" for a smaller centerpiece on the painting table (by their water bowls and brushes).

Look closely - the girls are working on their teeny tiny piggy banks in this photo. The painting begins! They were SO well-behaved, quiet, patient and focused on their piggy banks (some even copied their sketches). The best girls. Definitely the perfect all-girls party!

After painting, we laid out the Michael's 6/$1 placemats by Mary Englebright (I love things that cost a dollar) and had cupcakes and juice. I told you this was an easy party!

Then we played "piggy bank bingo". Mia punched out bingo chips from the same gingham paper with the small paper punch. We borrowed the 1-10 spinner from the grandparents' Leap Frog bingo game and called away! The winners got to be the next caller and everyone won prizes. Mia made paint-swatch notepads with a hole-punch and ribbon and white paper cut to size (by me). We grabbed all the paint swatches from Home Depot to match her party for the front and back cover of each notepad.

Here are the thank you notes that match the Painted Dots plates, cups and napkins we use. These are not on the site yet, but if you want them send me a note to This was a little last-minute, but I think it totally worked for the party. I cut off the back of the folded card and hole-punched the front and the bag...inserted a ribbon and tied a bow. Easy! The favors were paint sets from the $1 store (they had nice ones in bright colors), a pastel marshmellow twist stick thing (these were prizes for bingo too) and apaint-chip notepad that Mia made for her friends and a Target $1 Spot notepad too. The big favor gift were their hot pink aprons to keep. :)

Girls are awake and ready for breakfast. More soon...sorry I have been away!