Grace's Pink and Green Polka Dot Party

(I just LOVE this family photo from Grace's 1st Birthday Party - this is what it's all about!)

Grace's mom, Amanda, sent us her party photos all the way from...Australia!

She created a very special day for Grace. Complete with a polka dot Skittles #1 cake (awesome idea!):

(I know some of you moms will buy 10 bags of Skittles just so you can separate them into YOUR party colors! Okay, I would do it too. Good think Amanda used all of these pretty bright colors for her party theme. I love this idea - thanks for sharing, Amanda!)

One of my favorite ideas from Grace's party post is her favor bags:

She used wooden clothespins to close the bags and clip-on a tag with each child's name. I just think that is so unique - who says every favor bag must include a hole-puncher and a ribbon? Great thinking, Amanda!

For her food and dessert table, she created a mini cupcake box tower with one level - see it wrapped in pink polka dot wrapping paper above? I think this is from our previous Amanda's cupcake box tower post. So cute!

I also love the handmade polka dot garland on the table and three sweet pink lanterns really frame-out the space. Pink and lime green everywhere...just beautiful.

Thank you so much for sharing your daughter's special 1st birthday party photos with us, Amanda!

Read all the details, get inspired and view more photos on her blog: Grace's 1st Polka Dot Party.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Grace's party Sally. It was really fun putting everything together and your blog gave me lots of inspiration.

  2. We love Amanda's blog here in Australia , so lovely for you to post it. Now Im here I will be checking your boy party ideas. My son is turning 4 in July & we were thinking of a farm theme.

  3. Hi, I read Amanda's blog in Australia and am so pleased you did a post on Grace's party. I have two little girls so I am thrilled to have found you via Amanda. Your store is filled with gorgeous products. Michelle

  4. When my twin boys turned four, a Star Wars party was perfect.
    I made the invitations using the original Star Wars Episode IV poster graphic and added the words "May the Fours Be With You".I made a Death Star pinata out of a punch ball balloon (since it was a large sphere) and paper mache. I painted an old broom handle bright green and added a foam/duct tape handle to make a light saber pinata stick.I printed thank you notes on small printable cardstock with a picture of Yoda and the words "Very generous you are." on the front. It was a great party.

  5. Very cute and I like that it's not over the top. However, I'm not so sure how good skittles and cake taste together! I think I'd go with M&M's if I ever made a cake like that! :)

  6. Hi great parties
    I am planning my birthday party and the theme is pink and green. I was just wondering how you made the polka dot garland on the food table . If you know I would appreciate if you let me know. Also, if you have any other ideas for the pinka nd green theme i would be interested to know about them . Tnx sooooooo much!!! <3 <3

  7. What a pretty birthday party! Amanda, great job! I love all the ideas you featured here. I like the wooden clips on goodie bag and the garland, lamps, cake, everything!!

  8. It is so simple and it is the best thing about this party supplies. I love the pink polka dot cake. It is an amazing idea.


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