Elmo Party Theme for Little Girls

I received a message from Angie this week requesting ideas for her daughter's 2nd birthday party with an Elmo theme, a "Vintage, Girly, Pink & Polka Dots" Elmo theme!

This was a ball all the way around. I searched my favorite sites and my product folders and found some great things for Angie (and all of you planning Sesame Street birthday parties for girls)!

Photos courtesy above, left-to-right and top-to-bottom:

I had so much fun pulling this all together. Thank you for the request, Angie!

Carter's Polka Dot Monkey Party

Carter's mom, Jenny, put together a fabulous blue, chocolate and lime polka dot monkey party for his 1st birthday. She made so many things herself, including the monkey cupcakes pictured above (she admits they took FOREVER to make...but so worth it!). I love how she made Carter's DIY cupcake tower (click for tutorial on previous post).

This huge gallon jar of "monkey punch" is so cute too! She shares her secret to this affordable party drink container on her blog:

I think Carter had a really great day - just look at that sweet face!

Great job, Jenny. Thanks for sharing a little slice of Carter's special day with us. :)

Handy-dandy Monkey Party Links:

P.S. - I am in LOVE with your giant turquoise necklace pendant, Jenny!

THE Most Fabulous Balloon Wreath Ever

I was browsing the coolest blog site this weekend...have you visited the girls at How Does She? yet?

Well, I have not been able to get the image of this rainbow balloons party door wreath out of my head for 2 days!

Created by Amber, the girls at How Does She? put together a fabulous step-by-step tutorial to make our own balloon wreath. There are only three things you need: Flat balloons, florist pins and a wreath.

I'm picturing this wreath done in all pinks and greens. Do they sell bags of single color balloons at Wal-Mart? I think they do...or what about all red and black for a ladybug party?

I kind of want to throw my girls in the van and scoot over to the store to make one of these wreaths. Maybe in red-white-and-blue for the 4th of July! My door would look so pretty....

I would love to see photos if you create one of Amber's balloon wreaths for your polka dot party. Share in our Flickr group or e-mail to me: polkadotbirthday@gmail.com.

To finish your balloon wreath, tie on a coordinating polka dot ribbon bow or loop and you're ready to hang on your front door to greet party guests. :)

Kids want a Toy Story party? Pair it up with polka dots!

(Go to the official Disney Pixar Facebook Page for all the latest on the Toy Story 3 movie!)

I've heard from a few moms this week requesting HELP in planning a Toy Story movie party...without going "character-crazy" and turning their homes into a movie poster.

My favorite way to plan a character party is to pair it up with matching polka dots. From paper tableware to favor bags to the cake, decorations, invitations and even the birthday applique tee, you can make your child happy while still maintaining your own COOL MOMMY style with hints of polka dots scattered throughout your theme.

My "just add dots" rule applies to all TV, movie or book character parties! Just give me a character...and I'll show you how to mix in coordinating polka dot napkins, plates and balloons. You can do this too!

Back to the Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 movie...I just LOVE these characters! They are so cute, funny and not annoying in any way, shape or form (like a certain yellow sponge show that I still don't understand). My favorite has to be Mrs. Potato Head packing her husband's "angry eyes" in his back compartment. So perfect. That is how my husband feels when he is trying to leave the house for a trip...I say, "Do you have this? Oh, what about that? Did you pack your charger? Where are your glasses?" I am looking forward to taking my girls to see it next week!

Okay, so you have signed up, your kids are IN and you are officially throwing a Toy Story party. Let's get started.

First, try pairing our Spots Primary big dots plates and napkins (all in stock, ready to ship) with these handsome Disney Toy Story Dessert Plates from Birthday Express:

Ready to talk party favors? You can pick up a bunch of Disney Toy Story party favor stickers, horns, backpack clips and more to go in our polka dot favor bags:

(Looking for the "Hurry on Over!" Disney's Toy Story Invitations pictured above?)
MORE complimentary Disney's Toy Story Movie party items available at Polka Dot Market:

Don't forget the cake! Here are some more Toy Story birthday party ideas you may enjoy:

I'd love to hear from you if you throw a Toy Story party this summer! :)

Sally (polkadotmarket@gmail.com)

Summer Party Themes - Polka Dot Watermelon

It seems my two daughters are eating watermelon for dessert at nearly every meal...summertime must be here!

To kick-off our "Summer Party Themes" series for kids' birthday parties, I thought it fitting to gather up everything we have at Polka Dot Market for you to throw a fun and refreshing "polka dot watermelon" party!


We have the sweetest yellow gingham aline dress (above) with a large watermelon applique and free monogram name or initials for a limited time. Pair with one of our favorite boutique layered bows in the same colors as her dress.
And don't forget her shoes! Polka dot ribbon flip flops to match are a must...available in any custom ribbon colors.
Coming soon: Watermelon applique tees for boys and girls.

At your polka dot watermelon party you'll need to have bowls of fresh, juicy summertime watermelon, of course! Cut into bite-size squares, triangles, or round "dots" with a melon-baller tool.
In addition to the healthy watermelon snacks for your guests, take a look at these watermelon iced favor cookies by Sugar Coated Cookies:
This Atlanta-area baker uses the finest ingredients and cookies are only $0.50 each (available wrapped individually or in a pretty box). She is booked for June, so get on the Sugar Coated Cookies waiting list now for July and August parties!
What about the cake?!
You'll love the instructions and photos for this DIY Watermelon Birthday Cake by Kay at Kitchen Scrapbook:
Her watermelon cake secret? White cake mix, Jell-o, icing, food coloring and chocolate chips!
For the finishing touches to your polka dot watermelon party, we have some CUTE decorations in your party colors:

View the entire "Polka Dot Watermelon" party items available today at http://www.polka-dot-market.com/.
Let us know if you have MORE watermelon party ideas that we may share! Please send to: polkadotbirthday@gmail.com.