Carter's Polka Dot Monkey Party

Carter's mom, Jenny, put together a fabulous blue, chocolate and lime polka dot monkey party for his 1st birthday. She made so many things herself, including the monkey cupcakes pictured above (she admits they took FOREVER to make...but so worth it!). I love how she made Carter's DIY cupcake tower (click for tutorial on previous post).

This huge gallon jar of "monkey punch" is so cute too! She shares her secret to this affordable party drink container on her blog:

I think Carter had a really great day - just look at that sweet face!

Great job, Jenny. Thanks for sharing a little slice of Carter's special day with us. :)

Handy-dandy Monkey Party Links:

P.S. - I am in LOVE with your giant turquoise necklace pendant, Jenny!


  1. Yayyyy!! I came to your I do weekly...and I was like "That's me!!" :) Thanks for posting! It was hard for me to find the right colors to go with the monkey theme. I knew I didn't want yellow-for some odd reason. But all I could find while browsing other blogs was yellow, green, brown.
    Hopefully someone can get some use out of this!

    Oh-I found that necklace for a steal in a little shop for $10!! It must have been marked wrong or something because I've seen them other places for about $20. Thanks!

  2. love the idea! my best friends son is having a birthday soon & this I must share!

  3. What an adorable monkey birthday party theme! I love the monkey cupcakes and the monkey punch is cute. I've done similar "theme punches" before but I've always used a typical punch bowl. I'm going to have to start getting creative with my containers!

    I looooove your site. I'll be back!



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