Kids want a Toy Story party? Pair it up with polka dots!

(Go to the official Disney Pixar Facebook Page for all the latest on the Toy Story 3 movie!)

I've heard from a few moms this week requesting HELP in planning a Toy Story movie party...without going "character-crazy" and turning their homes into a movie poster.

My favorite way to plan a character party is to pair it up with matching polka dots. From paper tableware to favor bags to the cake, decorations, invitations and even the birthday applique tee, you can make your child happy while still maintaining your own COOL MOMMY style with hints of polka dots scattered throughout your theme.

My "just add dots" rule applies to all TV, movie or book character parties! Just give me a character...and I'll show you how to mix in coordinating polka dot napkins, plates and balloons. You can do this too!

Back to the Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 movie...I just LOVE these characters! They are so cute, funny and not annoying in any way, shape or form (like a certain yellow sponge show that I still don't understand). My favorite has to be Mrs. Potato Head packing her husband's "angry eyes" in his back compartment. So perfect. That is how my husband feels when he is trying to leave the house for a trip...I say, "Do you have this? Oh, what about that? Did you pack your charger? Where are your glasses?" I am looking forward to taking my girls to see it next week!

Okay, so you have signed up, your kids are IN and you are officially throwing a Toy Story party. Let's get started.

First, try pairing our Spots Primary big dots plates and napkins (all in stock, ready to ship) with these handsome Disney Toy Story Dessert Plates from Birthday Express:

Ready to talk party favors? You can pick up a bunch of Disney Toy Story party favor stickers, horns, backpack clips and more to go in our polka dot favor bags:

(Looking for the "Hurry on Over!" Disney's Toy Story Invitations pictured above?)
MORE complimentary Disney's Toy Story Movie party items available at Polka Dot Market:

Don't forget the cake! Here are some more Toy Story birthday party ideas you may enjoy:

I'd love to hear from you if you throw a Toy Story party this summer! :)

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  1. Thank you so much for all of the ideas. My daughter just asked on Monday for a Toy Story party on SUNDAY! She doesn't realize that isn't even a week. This will help so much!!
    I will post pictures next week

  2. SUPER cute!!! We just LOVE polka dots!!!

  3. Wonderful! Can't wait to see - thank you, Terri!

  4. Great idea. Pairing Toy Story, which is super detailed and intense, with a simpler co-theme (polka dots) is a great balance. Good thinking!

  5. We are having a "Woody and Buzz" party this weekend for my 3 (as of today!) year old twin boys.

  6. thank you again for all of the ideas. I used alot of your ideas and put a link to your post on my blog. Check out all of the pictures here:
    Thank you!!!


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