THE Most Fabulous Balloon Wreath Ever

I was browsing the coolest blog site this weekend...have you visited the girls at How Does She? yet?

Well, I have not been able to get the image of this rainbow balloons party door wreath out of my head for 2 days!

Created by Amber, the girls at How Does She? put together a fabulous step-by-step tutorial to make our own balloon wreath. There are only three things you need: Flat balloons, florist pins and a wreath.

I'm picturing this wreath done in all pinks and greens. Do they sell bags of single color balloons at Wal-Mart? I think they do...or what about all red and black for a ladybug party?

I kind of want to throw my girls in the van and scoot over to the store to make one of these wreaths. Maybe in red-white-and-blue for the 4th of July! My door would look so pretty....

I would love to see photos if you create one of Amber's balloon wreaths for your polka dot party. Share in our Flickr group or e-mail to me:

To finish your balloon wreath, tie on a coordinating polka dot ribbon bow or loop and you're ready to hang on your front door to greet party guests. :)


  1. I love that! I have been wanting to do a ribbon wreath as well. This will be on my to do list. Do you think I can make it by Saturday without killing myself??? mmm. Thanks for the post!

  2. I love it! Our Hobby Lobby sells the individual colors of ballons. Thanks for posting!

  3. I love her site! And loved this when she posted, so clever!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  4. I saw this wreath a while back and I saved it in my "party planning" file! We have four birthdays during the summer and I would leave it up all summer long!

  5. I love this, I want to make one for my daughter's birthday next week and leave it up all summer too! Can I do it? :)

  6. I am in LOVE with this wreath!! I have images of making it the official birthday wreath for out little family - maybe it could hang on the birthday persons bedroom door or dining chair on their special day.... hmmmmm.
    Thanks for the link :)

  7. Thanks, ladies! I love hearing your feedback...and glad to know I'm not the only one obsessed with this wreath. YES! You can do it for this weekend - she used 2 bags of 72 balloons each. I think this is a great TV-watching craft. Just don't poke yourself with the pins. :)


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