Heather's Red & Black Polka Dot Ladybug Party

Heather created a red and black polka dot extravaganza for her little ladybug! You can see more photos and read all of her notes on their blog too.

I'll try my very best to point out all of her amazing ideas so you can translate them for your upcoming polka dot parties....

Photo #1 (above):
  • Wondering how-to fill tall glass cylinder vases without breaking the bank? Heather alternated layers of coordinating tissue paper (like red + black polka dots) - all scrunched up inside and topped with a cute stuffed ladybug.
  • Need to add large splash of color to your tables? Use fabric rectangles as table runners or under your centerpieces. Heather picked black polka dot fabric and probably bought 1-2 yards to use all over her party. Tip: Have pinking shears on hand to cut fabric edges to prevent fraying - no sewing required!
  • I love the red water bottles she found for the kids to use during the party, then take home as a favor. (Keep an eye on the dollar section at different holidays for favors in your party colors.)
  • Black polka dot balloons from Polka Dot Market (thanks, Heather!)

Photo #2 (above):
  • Love the fabric on the table...she created a cupcake stand on top of a box with red wrapping paper too.
  • See the red drink punch on a black-wrapped box? Cute!
  • Custom water bottle labels put the theme right in her guests' hands.
  • More polka dot balloons and lanterns - I think she cut black felt circles and taped to her red paper lanterns. Is that right, Heather? Fabulous idea - never seen that before!

Photo #3 (above):
  • Did you notice her polka dot backdrop on her dessert table? White with tiny black dots. A flat bed sheet, shower curtain or tablecloth would work great for this!

Thank you for sharing your daughter's special day with us, Heather! Read all of her tips and tricks (and shopping secrets) on her blog: Catherine's Polka Dot Ladybug Party. She created a ladybug banner, had ladybug favor cookies and MORE!

See all of the red and black polka dot ladybug party supplies available at Polka Dot Market.


  1. Adorable Party! Great job Heather!

  2. It looks nice and easy to try to do it for one of my parties

  3. I filled a cylinder with large marshmellows and then sprinkled bright pink sugar into it over the marshmellows.

  4. This was such a great party! You did an excellent job. I have never been to a child’s birthday party as elaborate as this one was. You are a such a great party planner.

  5. Such a special party. Every detail amazing. Love, love, love how you come up with the best ideas anywhere. You literally have given instructions on a silver platter for the best party ever!

  6. Never tried to set a polka dot birthday party ideas. Maybe I need to try this out! I appreciate your ideas...

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