Ice Cream Days of Summer...

Summer with these two wild little girls running around the house is keeping me on my toes! I have not posted in a while and I have so many cute party ideas to share with you. It's all their fault. Between summer camp, swimming, parks and trips for BLUE Italian ice...we are having fun together. The summer is always a busy time at Polka Dot Market too, so I am trying to keep all the plates up in the air. Oh, and we are planning my daughter's upcoming birthday party at a local ice cream shop too! So please excuse my absence - I have missed being here!

While we're on the topic of ice cream, I wanted to share a few fun party idea links with you:

Be back tomorrow with some cute party photos from the coolest blog readers EVER!

Wishing you blue tongues and happy faces on these HOT summer days! :)

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  1. Oh fun and perfect timing! I think ice cream and summertime are the perfect things to go together. :) I would love to share a Retro Ice Cream Buffet I recently did here:


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