Pink and Green Polka Dots Sweet Treats Party!

Check out pictures and highlights from Erica's "Sweet Treats First Birthday Party" below! The colors were pink, light pink, white, and lime green. Erica made her daughter's first birthday party extra special with her serious attention to detail. Her party featured handmade candy topiaries, a wreath, cupcake and lollipop stands, and "sweets" place cards.

The cake table included an amazing pink and green polka dot cake as well as the "smash" cake, each surrounded by pictures, topiaries, and festive utensils for garnish.

The "sweets table" was decorated by a perfect array of cupcakes, lollipops, candy, and cookies with an adorable pink and green banner hanging overhead.

The drinks table featured yummy green punch, a photo of the birthday girl, cups, napkins, and personalized water bottles seen below. The banners, picture frames, cupcake toppers, and water bottle covers were all via Etsy!

The mantle featured two large hand painted frames and a handmade topiary that all complimented each other AND the party theme perfectly.

Erica also hung color coordinating shower curtains behind each table to serve as backdrops. Although time consuming due to some serious ironing and starching, this creative idea is worth the time!

The bright colors and thoughtful decorations helped make this party a real "treat!" Thank you for sharing it with us, Erica!
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  2. VERY SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!


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