Lila Kate's Polka Dot Birthday!

Lila Kate looked sweet as cake in her polka dot dress and birthday hat. Her "throne" was beautifully dressed in a personalized birthday banner: proof that the details (especially those that involve polka dots) make everything-even a high chair-pop!

Speaking of pop...we love these Polka Dot Market blue and pink balloons! By using them as accents to the unique (and adorable!) punch dispensers and personalized cupcakes, the balloons make this treats table irresistible!

A nice way to make your party stand out from the others is by including birthday favors your guests can take home and enjoy! These individually wrapped polka dot cookies are sure to be loved by any one with a sweet tooth...pick me!
Lila Kate loves her one year photo banner! Lindsay created a precious display of her daughter's first year: such a simple way to share such special memories. Thank you Lindsay for including Polka Dot Market in celebrating Lila Kate!

For ideas like Lindsay used check out all that Polka Dot Market has to offer!


  1. So cute! Love that photo banner!


  2. Tooo cute! Love the one year photo banner!

  3. So cute! I love this and would totally love to do something similar! Thanks for the great post.

  4. Extra ordinary images of the sweet babies with clearness.Thanks for this super images.

  5. I love the theme of your party. I would like to do something similar for my daughter, but unfortunately this time of year it will have to be indoors.


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